Here’s how Albion Online’s new shapeshifting weapons and abilities will work


The very last dev vlog before Albion Online’s Wild Blood update has landed today, focusing entirely on what is easily the most compelling part of the patch: the shapeshifter weapon lines.

Albion’s sprawling skill map allows players to level up whatever they’re currently wearing in terms of weapons and gear, and that will include the new shapeshifter weapons that allow players to polymorph into a range of forms. Sandbox Interactive’s Robin Henkys is joined by combat designer Michael Schwahn in the comfy chair to talk about the new weapon line, which includes seven staves, each with its own form and abilities, like turning enemies into critters and yanking them into the shifter’s deadly embrace.

• Shadow Panther: turns invisible when no enemies are nearby
• Sylvian: increases allies’ health, provides healing, and can create a shield for your allies
• Spirit Bear: an aggressive tank that disrupts enemies
• Werewolf: Heals itself and gains a speed boost from attacking enemies
• Hellfire Imp: Has very high damage but low defense; can revive in human form after death
• Runestone Golem: a huge tank which is immune to all forced movement
• Dawnbird: deals very high damage from a safe distance.

The downside is that the materials for the staves are found through the rare creatures stemming from the new tracking system, so getting your first staff won’t be a simple craft or cheap buy on the market.

Wild Blood launches October 16th.

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