albion online

Official Site: Albion Online
Studio: Sandbox Interactive
Launch Date: July 17, 2017
Genre: Fantasy PvP Sandbox
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Albion Online kicks off European server closed beta for founder pack buyers

Albion Online fans who preordered with a founder pack for the Albion Europe server launch later this month are off and away into closed...

Albion Online details fortifications, siege banners, and territory chests coming in Foundations

Albion Online is looking to keep excitement for its April 15th Foundations update rolling, which means it's time for another sneak peek at major...

The MOP Up: Fractured Veil allows for PvE-only servers

Post-apocalyptic survival game Fractured Veil previewed some upcoming features such as farms, new spawn locations, and -- get ready for this -- PvE-only servers....

Albion Online’s Foundations update launches April 15 – in the middle of the EU server rollout

Albion Online fans are about to have one hell of an April: Not only are they getting a fresh-start European server, but they're also...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 461: Dune Awakening rises from its slumber

Justin and Bree discuss Camelot Unchained, Final Stand Ragnarok, WoW Cataclysm Classic, Dune Awakening, New World, and Albion Online, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, LOTRO, SWG Legends, and City of Heroes, plus mailbag topics on BitCraft and our thoughts on the merits of early access.

Albion Online opens sales for European server launch founder packs – eight of them, in fact

Players eager to get their hands on Albion Online's European server will want to know that founder packs are officially live this morning. While...

Albion Online releases live-action trailer ahead of April’s European server launch

Once upon a time, Europe gave us Vikings that pillaged all across the world. Now, it's time for Albion Online to return the favor,...

Albion Online tackles player concerns over new European server population, timers, transfers, and more

When Sandbox Interactive announced a new server to accommodate the burgeoning European population on Albion Online - one intended to balance the existing western...

Albion Online is launching a new fresh start server for Europe and the MENA region

If last year was the year Albion Online went to Asia, this year is the time for journeying to Europe. Of course, Albion Online's...

Albion Online’s Foundations patch incentivizes guilds to fortify and protect their territory

Apart from the Crystal Raiders update at the top of the year, Albion Online has had a slow 2024 so far - and even...

Albion Online’s latest Crystal Raiders patch makes large scale battle-focused weapon tweaks

Players of Albion Online already know that the Crystal Raiders update has been about guild fights, but that doesn't mean things can't be improved...
Come on, my dudes.

Albion Online tweaks staffs, temp-disables duels, readies Turkish and Arabic language support

It has been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Albion Online as Sandbox Interactive has been putting out patches, dealing with...

The MOP Up: DDO’s Snowpeaks Festival returns

Just because winter is in full swing doesn't mean it has to be dour! Dungeons and Dragons Online is keeping things lively with the...
Look, sir! Cats!

Albion Online’s latest guide explains the nature of its world and how players can explore it

If you have never played Albion Online before, it can feel a little bit daunting to start, especially if you know that it's a...
Pot Ions.

Albion Online drops a guide to alchemy, opens apps for its player Round Table

The first and perhaps most important thing to understand about how crafted potions behave in Albion Online is that these potions are sometimes best...

Albion Online brings the guild battle thunder with new GvG mechanics in today’s Crystal Raiders update

Raiding a crystal sounds like either a boring proposition or at the least the plot line of a JRPG, but in the case of...
Clear as... you know what? You got it. I don't need to say more. You get it.

Albion Online previews the Crystal Weapons arriving with Crystal Raiders

Have you found yourself going through your swords in Albion Online only to throw them to the ground in disgust as you proclaim that...

Albion Online elaborates on territory mechanic changes coming with the Crystal Raiders update

Albion Online continues to feverishly bang the hype drum for its upcoming Crystal Raiders update. Following a tweet that referenced territory changes related to...

Albion Online recaps 2023 and looks ahead to January 8’s Crystal Raiders patch

It's been a jam-packed year of updates for Albion Online, which is being laid out before fans in Sandbox Interactive's customary year in review...
The scholar sees when you do not index things, and he is not impressed.

End-of-year Eleven: The best value MMORPGs at the end of 2023

I have been told that if I start another one of these columns musing on the abstract meaning of "value" as I have for...