Albion Online kicks off European server closed beta for founder pack buyers


Albion Online fans who preordered with a founder pack for the Albion Europe server launch later this month are off and away into closed beta as of today – and really, it doesn’t sound all that beta-ish as it heralds an event that may as well just be another type of early access, with an ensmallened continent and a one-off beta guild season, plus significant boosts to play.

“This event offers Albion Europe Founder Pack owners an early start in the Beta Challenge and Beta Guild Season – with exclusive rewards available – and a fresh version of Albion with a reduced world size and progression buffs,” Sandbox Interactive says. “The Beta Challenge runs until April 23 at 10 UTC, and offers every participant the opportunity to unlock an exclusive, brand-new vanity set: the Duelist, which once unlocked will be available to all characters on your account, on any server. Performing open-world activities will grant players challenge points, and as you earn more of these points you can use them to unlock each of the vanity items. As well as being able to start a full week before the Open Beta begins, Albion Europe Founder Pack owners will earn points three times as quickly, and can unlock a matching mount skin: the Duelist’s Lynx.”

Worth noting is that most of the perks are usable on any server, so even folks who don’t even plan to roll on the Europe server still have incentive to test now. Closed beta is available to all founder pack purchasers, not just the top tier, meaning it’s a minimum of $20 for access if you’re just now deciding you want it. Or of course, you can just wait for the open beta and play for free, which begins April 10th ahead of three early access periods and the launch on April 29th.

SBI does say it’s aware of character creation problems on the mobile client during the beta.

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