Perfect Ten: Ten things to do when you just want to chill out in an MMO

Oh great.

Let’s face it: Sometimes, playing MMORPGs — as with any video game — has the potential to stress us out. We might feel under pressure to get all of those dailies done, to bring our A-game to raids, or to scramble to get holiday events done before the end date arrives.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of being stressed when trying to relax, which is why I’ve gravitated toward a more laid-back gaming philosophy. If it’s not fun or enjoyable for the moment, I’m not going to do it. Conversely, if an activity seems appealing and relaxing even though it’s not going to contribute much to my overall progression, I’m going to spend time basking in it.

In today’s list, we’re going to go through 10 activities that are perfect for when you’re trying to unwind and let the stress of the day go while playing an MMORPG.

Farming (mobs)

One of the very oldest MMO activities is still one of the best for shutting your brain off and getting into a zen-like state. Here, I’m talking about the age-old practice of simply farming mobs — not for a quest, not for a particular drop, just to get into a simple gameplay loop of kill, loot, and repeat. Farming mobs can be beneficial for your experience bar and virtual wallet, but sometimes it’s just enjoyable in the same way that popping bubble wrap is.

Farming (fields)

Not every MMORPG offers actual farming, but when you look at the popularity of games like FarmVille and Stardew Valley, you have to ask, “Why not?” Being able to till the earth of your game and grow a crop can be oddly satisfying, especially for those of us who can’t even make a single strawberry plant grow. No, I’m not speaking of anyone I know right now.


Chances are that this was the first activity that sprang to mind when you saw the topic for today, and with good reason! Casting a line and waiting for that perfect catch is one of the most chill activities in any MMO. It requires such a complete stop to all other activities and motion that fishing isn’t for everyone, but there are some who become die-hard anglers in worlds filled with supreme warriors.


While platforming and jumping puzzles can rate among the most stressful of all MMO activities (don’t get me started on the evils of jumping puzzles, people), it’s completely different when you turn the world into your own parkour playland for the fun of it. It’s weirdly kind of fun just to jump around cities and zones to see where you can go, moreso if you’re playing an MMO with excellent movement animations and abilities. Oh WildStar, how I miss your double-jump so!

Interior decoration

Those who huff that player housing is useless are to be pitied, really. They don’t understand the simple satisfaction of decorating and arranging your house just so, creating a personal space that’s 100% you. It’s never a wasted hour when the adventures cease so that you can push sofas around and try out different types of wallpaper!

Become a tourist

You know that saying that you never do the touristy stuff in your own city unless relatives come visiting? It’s like that in MMOs. We adventure in these worlds, but rarely do we take a day off just to wander, gawk, and explore these theme parks like theme parks.


Crafting always seems to me to be this quiet, personal experience that you have apart from the bustle of the virtual crowd around you. You’re simply taking huge batches of raw materials and turning it into useful stuff, and there’s a joy in being the conduit for that process. Even when crafting is super-basic in MMOs, it can still be a relaxing way to pass an hour or more.

Hold a fashion show

For me, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable than to take a break and pull together a new outfit for my character. Obviously, this process is more engaging in MMOs that offer more robust cosmetic systems. It’s just fun to take all of those skins and transmogs that you’ve been collecting and see if you can make yourself look even more epic.

Attend a roleplaying event

Don’t always depend on the game’s developers to keep you entertained; look to the player population for this as well. If you have the disposition to sit back and enjoy a show while you’re in a game, then make time for the plenty of player plays, concerts, poetry readings, lectures, and staged events that are held, well, pretty much everywhere.

Organize your inventory

Some might see inventory management as a chore — and it certainly can be! — but for the organized mind, it’s quite satisfying to take those stuffed bags and sort them out. I find that in real life, I become more focused and productive when my work space is organized, and I get that way in games too when my stuff is where it needs to be.

Everyone likes a good list, and we are no different! Perfect Ten takes an MMO topic and divvies it up into 10 delicious, entertaining, and often informative segments for your snacking pleasure. Got a good idea for a list? Email us at or with the subject line “Perfect Ten.”

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Dean Greenhoe

Just playing the game is the chill for me.

Chill is a good quest chain and new places to explore. Starting a new alt to explore a different part of the world or social path of advancement is chill to me. After I have hit max level and tried all the classes and have seen the vast majority of the world… and the game boils down to “dailies”, I am looking for my next world to explore.

Rob Hagaman

Chilling in wormhole space. When you happen on a shattered system, sitting there in a cloaky Loki watching the debris of the planets float around you, while what was Caroline’s Star swirls below you, with the old EVE Jukebox playing in the background.

Grim? Darhk

Mining in deep space has always been a very laid back experience for me….Except when I decided to mine in lowsec. /sigh I also love just walking around and looking at the stars in my ship in Swtor. Exploring in No Man’s sky is probably my favorite Chill thing ever though. Even if it’s not really an mmo.


I remember doing chill activities (if you wanna call them this way) in LOTRO, like showing other people how to jump on roofs in Bree, or watching in-game concerts (there were plenty of people playing in Bree on Brandywine, you didn’t even need to wait for Weatherstock), or hanging out in festival areas during seasonal events. Those were always the most fun parts of the game because they did not feel like I am doing pointless tedious job (the way I felt every time going through dungeons or grinding deeds or doing any crafting).

Even in FFXIV, when I used to play it, the best part was to just chill out near FC house with FC members or just hanging out in Limsa area, to relax and watch the silly things people were doing and participate in random conversation.


My #1 MMO chill activity is to create a new level 1 character and go through the starting/low levels zones.


I find myself doing the parkour thing in every game with jumping at some point or another. While waiting for something, or talking to someone. It’s not even a conscious decision I make to do it. It just sort of happens.


If you like shooter/melee action, then I think Warframe has some of the most diverse chill spots ever. On Earth, the very first node, E Prime, is the level 1-3 newbie starting area. It is a Grineer Forest area and is unique. Since it is so low level, it is pretty safe and chill for just about everyone. What can you do there? Have a look:

* Shoot and Melee the hapless Grineer for fun and profit.
* Level up new warframes and weapons to gain exp in order to gain Mastery.
* Complete the mission to gain exp and Mastery.
* Get loots.
* Scan and gather Jadeleaf and Threshercone for the oh so useful 100% health restore items.
* Parkour to all the hidden and difficult areas.
* Practice headshots for extra exp and mad skillz (for when most needed).

Maybe even more to do, but that is what I do when there. As you grow in power, you can move on to other Extermination mission nodes (without the Jadeleaf & Threshercone, sadly).

When I just want to have a fun, mindless romp, I equip the gear set I am currently leveling and go to town. :)