Official Site: WildStar
Studio: Carbine Studios/NCsoft
Launch Date: June 3, 2014
Genre: Sci-Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: F2P as of September 2015
Platform: PC

WildStar is now celebrating its last-ever Shade’s End Halloween event

Although its imminent sunset looms, WildStar is still getting into the Halloween spirit by bringing Shade's Eve back one last time. From October...

Battle Bards Episode 130: Oddballs 2

While every Battle Bards episode is a cavalcade of strangeness, this week the team is ratcheting it up with the return of “Oddball” MMORPG...

Global Chat: Does Guild Wars 2’s newest episode reach for the stars?

Guild Wars 2's newest living world episode seems to be grabbing the MMO community's attention in a way that the season so far...

The Daily Grind: What MMO plans do you have for the fall?

With the snap of fall and change of the leaves, the season has taken a change as we go into the last four months...

Massively Overthinking: The sunsetted MMOs we never played

I've been thinking a lot about MMO sunsets lately, thanks to WildStar, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and even that ridiculous
It's clear now.

Perfect Ten: Failed MMOs that could have succeeded with more love

Hindsight is 20/20. Unless you're blind in one eye from nostalgia, in which case hindsight is 0/20. In any case, you understand that it's...

Massively OP Podcast episode 189: Time traveling to 2004

Justin and Bree discuss WoW Classic, WildStar, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Maplestory 2, Age of Conan, Fallout 76, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars Galaxies, and Trove, with mailbag questions on SWTOR, starting as a true newbie in WoW, and power imbalances in MMOs.
We're not counting your game dying as death here.

Perfect Ten: The big book of MMORPG death mechanics

Video games will kill your characters. It's inevitable. I still faintly remember my younger brother's first video game death, when he ran full-tilt into...

NCsoft’s picked a date for WildStar’s sunset: November 28

When NCsoft announced earlier this month that WildStar would be sunsetting, most MMO players were upset, but not surprised, except about one...

Global Chat: Why level in MMOs if you don’t grow?

Using World of Warcraft's latest expansion as an example, many bloggers recently pontificated on the uselessness of adding new levels to MMORPGs if...

One Shots: The Sunset Club

WildStar is about to be inducted into the worst club there is in the gaming world -- the club whose only requirements is...
things are going great

WildStar is probably not sunsetting until at least the end of the year

When NCsoft announced it was closing Carbine and sunsetting WildStar, it didn't include one key detail: when that sunset will occur. In fact,...

WildStar announces Boss Hunter Challenge event

Despite the sad news that WildStar and its creator Carbine Studios are shutting down, the game isn't dead yet, and there...

Perfect Ten: My favorite WildStar memories

As I grow older, I start to worry about the loss of memories that are precious to me. I already joke that I'm pretty...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 187: The raid in our stars

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2's new living world episode, Boundless, EverQuest II, Blizzard, Warframe, EVE Online, SWTOR, the petition to save WildStar, and our big site revamp.

One Shots: Gung-ho Gandalf

It's one thing to get a stern talking-to, even when you deserve it. It's another thing when that lecture comes from a gruff angel-wizard...
Sorry, guy.

Vague Patch Notes: WildStar deserves its shutdown, even though we loved it

Last week, when we heard that WildStar was being shut down, I penned a truthful, heartfelt eulogy for the game as it...

The Daily Grind: Do you still log in to play MMOs that are scheduled to sunset?

Last night, I saw a tweet go out from the WildStar account that made me super sad. "It’s show time!" Carbine said....

Perfect Ten: My favorite MMORPG names

Stuff in MMOs has names. That's... like, a defining feature. We all know that. These games have titles, and they have expansions, and they...
If I had known then what I know now, I... would have felt no different, really, but it might have mitigated stuff.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 186: The perfect storm of MMO news

Justin and Bree discuss WildStar's sunset, Pearl Abyss' acquisition of CCP and EVE Online, the new Lord of the Rings MMO, THQ Nordic's buy-up of 38 Studios MMO Project Copernicus, the Daybreak NantWorks investment/venture, Old School RuneScape, and MMO emulation.