Mortal Online 2 wrestles with server queues, login issues, and unhappy players


Remember when we noted that Mortal Online 2 was having a pretty good launch overall? Well, that appears to have turned south as players across the forums and social media are reporting major login problems and server queue issues.

The server load issues appear to be related to a continually rising player count as the game has hit a new all-time peak of over 9,000 players and a 41% gain in player counts over the course of December. The problems are also being primarily experienced in the main continent of Myrland as players move out of the starting region of Haven.

The server problems have ignited heated forum threads, with one such thread suggesting that the server should be wiped, particularly those in Myrland; other players are suggesting that people stay in the Haven area for the time being. Meanwhile, the game’s Steam page is seeing a number of negative reviews warning people away from the MMO in its current state.

Star Vault is obviously aware of the problem, noting that a temporary measure is being applied that will kick idle players off of the server after being AFK for five minutes instead of four hours, and a message from CEO Henrik Nystrom states that the team has met with networking experts to sort out its problems.

“The good news is that we now have a very good picture of the main issues and how we need to solve them. This requires a few days before it’s fully implemented the way we need it to work. This means we will have a queue number and a fully working login step. The login bounces we have had so far have been identified and we know what we need to do so solve this as well.”

In the meantime, Nystrom is asking for players to be patient, to stop sending DMs to devs, and to remain in Haven for now. He also notes that the game’s subscription fee will remain paused until server problems have been sorted.

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