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Perfect Ten is a humorous list-themed feature column by Justin Olivetti and Eliot Lefebvre. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Set sail, etc.

Perfect Ten: The healthiest live MMOs at the end of 2019

Everyone is healthy! Good news! Every game is super healthy and absolutely no one has a terminal playerbase disease that may result in the...
Here we go.

Perfect Ten: The biggest MMO surprises of 2019

After 10 years of covering MMORPG news, I can assure you that I am still fired up to keep doing this. One of the...
What can I say except ''you're welcome''

Perfect Ten: How to show and share gratitude for your favorite MMO

So you've found an MMO you like. You're thankful that it exists. It's fun, it caters to your personal tastes, and it may not...
For lore(n).

Perfect Ten: When MMO lore is at odds with the game

Lore is made up. We all know that. People who write the lore for games are not doing research into the real story and...

Perfect Ten: Counting Fallout 76’s many post-nuclear flubs

I'll admit that I was the first one out of my seat, applauding wildly, when Fallout 76 was first announced at Bethesda's E3...

Perfect Ten: What I learned about ArcheAge Unchained as a complete newbie

As I was going through my first evening in ArcheAge Unchained, thanks to the new buy-to-play release, I was kicking myself for going...
You will lose here.

Perfect Ten: The many flavors of MMO PvP

Not so long ago (so, at the rate news has come out since then, what feels like decades ago) I wrote a column about...
Back on top.

Perfect Ten: WoW Classic dungeon reviews courtesy of Azeroth’s Yelp

So, you all know that there's a Yelp equivalent in World of Warcraft, right? An awful lot of people forget about that, but Yelpcraft is seriously right there. It's been in the game since beta, which is why you can still look at it and see reviews about how zones would be much better if Paladins had talents and some ancient references to some terrible action star of the 1980s. Can't remember which one. Dolph Lundgren, probably.

Perfect Ten: Kickstarter MMOs that raised the most money

The rise of crowdfunding in the mid-2010s swept a large wave of MMORPGs our way that might never have happened otherwise. For a while...

Perfect Ten: Solo prequel games to MMORPGs

When studios go about making MMORPGs, risk comes along with the effect as a matter of course. The only question is how to reduce...
I'm not back on any BS, I never left it.

Perfect Ten: The biggest moments in Final Fantasy XIV’s storytelling

As has been noted before, Natusko Ishikawa is a treasure. Reading an interview with her about her work on Final Fantasy XIV's latest...

Perfect Ten: Why Fallen Earth was a flawed gem of an MMO

Even though I half-expected it for a while now, the news of Fallen Earth's demise earlier this month made my heart sink....
It doesn't stop.

Perfect Ten: The many modes of social experience in MMOs

There are two statements frequently made with regard to MMOs that seem like linked clauses, but they're not. "MMOs are social games" is a...

Perfect Ten: MMORPGs made by tiny teams

I don't really have to tell you this, but creating an MMORPG is a huge undertaking. These are some of the most complex games...

Perfect Ten: Ten weird things I’m relearning with WoW Classic

It's been a strange week. No - it's been a strange year in MMO gaming, all things considered. As I'm going through old
Get in, losers, we're going exploring.

Perfect Ten: The fantasy MMO zone atlas

There are, let's face it, a limited number of different ways to design real-adjacent zones in any fantasy game. At the end of the...
This took some work.

Perfect Ten: MMOs that flirted with permadeath

This month, Dungeons and Dragons Online will be venturing where many MMORPGs have feared to tread: into the realm of officially supported...
This was not the worst, but we will buy the bus.

Perfect Ten: Creating the worst MMO ever

Here at Massively Overpowered, we learn about some games, folks. We learn a whole lot about a whole lot of games! We know MMOs....

Perfect Ten: MMOs of the apocalypse

It's the end of the world as we know it -- and for some reason, we are still gaming. I guess that your investment...
Yes, you all meet in a tavern.

Perfect Ten: Why people create alts in MMOs

I have alts in Final Fantasy XIV. This is absurd for two reasons. First, the statement makes it clear that I have alternate...