Daybreak’s EverQuest-themed Fippyfest fan event will cost in-person attendees $1499

I was researching normal stuff.

Last week, when Daybreak announced it’s planning a live/digital EverQuest community event called Fippyfest in June, the studio said it’d be opening ticket sales on February 28th. We somehow didn’t imagine it meant at 9 p.m. EST on February 28th, but that is indeed what happened.

While the show will be free to watch for digital participants, Daybreak would obviously prefer that you buy a ticket; fans will be paying $50-$250 for said digital tix, in exchange for a range of mounts, pets, decor, skins, and so forth, depending on their EverQuest or EverQuest II flavor.

As for the in-person event, it’s being held at a “to be announced” location in San Diego on both June 14th and 15th… and it’s gonna cost you an eye-popping $1,499. I can’t tell you how many tickets are left and I’m not buying one to find out, but EventBrite did let me add one to my cart and hold it for 35 minutes, so presumably there are still some. There’s still no event schedule for any of this, so we don’t know what exactly you’re buying, apart from a t-shirt and the same VIP bundle that comes with the digital version.

“While the specific panels and activities are still under wraps, anticipate this two-day event to be filled with engaging content tailored for the EverQuest® and EverQuest II communities. From deep dives into game lore and discussions to numerous opportunities to interact with the game teams, it will be something that every EverQuest®/EverQuest II fan would love. You will also get the chance to gather signatures from the teams for your favorite souvenirs and swag items!”

MMO players will recall that BlizzCon ran $299-$799 last year and struggled to sell out, so this seems like a relatively big ask to us, even for EverQuest, but let’s check in with some modern EverQuest fans for some perspective, and… oh. Oh no. Yeah they think it’s way too much too.

“Get the fuck out of here,” The Ancient Gaming Noob said.

“Dang it’s more than seeing Taylor Swift,” one forumgoer lamented.

“Right. $1500 lmao,” wrote another. “At least Extra Life was going to a worthy cause.”

“For 1500$ I better get free EQ for life like the old promotion,” yet another chimed in. “Even old Fan Faires were not that much and at least that included hotel and passes for the event.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean somebody out there won’t do it – and it’ll probably drive people to think the digital tickets are more reasonable too.

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