Embers Adrift adds a new PvP arena that’s meant for funsies in latest patch


Embers Adrift has very, very frequently stressed how it’s an MMORPG about cooperation, grouping together, and trying to foster a community, but sometimes you just want to slash a dude across his in-game face with your in-game sword. Thanks to the latest update, that’s now something that can happen thanks to the newly opened PvP proving grounds arena.

This fresh fight pit can be found in Newhaven Valley adjacent to the Circle camp and lets players duke it out in 1v1, party vs. party, or free-for-all battles. Walking into this arena will automatically flag characters for PvP, which applies several notable effects like CC resistance and immunity to specific effects such as fear and threat. Those who are defeated in the arena won’t suffer armor damage, and their backpack of items will be dropped outside of the proving ground.

Stormhaven Studios stresses – in all caps no less – that this feature is only for fun and will not herald the start of Embers being balanced or tuned around PvP. If the arena proves popular, then it may be expanded on, but even then doing so will sit at a lower priority.

Other updates added with the patch focus on making multiple fixes, adding things like new tooltips and missing effects, and adjusting lighting and item names, making it a generally unremarkable yet useful patch even without the PvP fight locale.

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