Throne & Liberty’s next global beta remains under NDA, tests combat and trading


We’re just a week away from Throne & Liberty’s next big global test run, and ahead of the event, Amazon has released a dev blog outlining what players can expect. Assuming you get in, anyway; invites started going out yesterday. Notably:

  • It’s for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.
  • It starts at 4 pm. EST on April 10th and closed at the same time on the 17th.
  • It’ll include servers in North America (east and west), Europe, Asia Pacific, and South America.
  • The test client is localized for English, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, and Japanese text, with English, Japanese, and Korean voice-overs.
  • It’s under a super strict NDA.
  • Players will be exploring Solisium, the auction house, the cash shop, and a speed-run of events.
  • There’s no level cap during the test, so endgame is technically on the table (if you can get there in a week, we guess?).
  • The test is focused on changes to player progression, trading, buying from the cash shop (yes, you’re getting test currency), and improvements to combat.

Here’s the list of events:

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