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Projekt Z Beyond Order is a co-op FPS where players get to kill Nazi zombies

There's something about FPS games and an alt-history WWII where the Nazis muck around with the undead that just seems to go hand-in-hand. We...

Co-op multiplayer heist-’em-up FPS Payday 3 releases today

The digital streets of New York City are facing a special kind of crime wave as the heisting supercriminals of the Payday Gang are...

Nexon’s medieval team brawler Warhaven smashes into early access, eyes console release

Love the idea of team-based PvP but don't want to be doing it with lasers and grenades? Warhaven may be a solid recommendation, especially...

A multiplayer Bluey videogame is coming to PC and console in November, and your kids want it

A few weeks back, I mentioned in MOP's work chat that my kids have been obsessed with some random Aussie kids cartoon about dogs....

Tencent’s co-op looter shooter Synced makes its free-to-play release on PC, plans a console launch this winter

Does anyone here remember Synced? It's a sci-fi co-op looter shooter from Tencent's Level Infinite and NExT Studios that drops players into a post-apocalyptic...
Thrones and something, I guess?

NCsoft and Amazon are planning a big western Throne & Liberty technical test in September

NCsoft's Throne & Liberty may be a tangle of delays, but some lucky testers are going to get a sneak peek, as Amazon and...
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DC Universe Online teases Justice League Dark Cursed, announces PS5 and Xbox X|S launches

You have to appreciate that the developers of DC Universe Online post their plans with a quick summation of the big news points right...

Titan Quest II is officially happening – and yes, it has online multiplayer

Multiplayer ARPG fans are probably very familiar with the original Titan Quest, a game set in an age of Greek mythology that is now...
It is a perfect... logo!

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Las Vegas: Keynote takeaways, Dawntrail, and Xbox X|S

The Final Fantasy XIV fan festival is upon us yet again, and as we all expected, we now know the name of the next...

Skyforge tries to sync seasonal updates for Xbox players by skipping into the Gorgonides season

Skyforge decided to play a little bit of leap frog for its Xbox version. The latest update to the game brought the Gorgonides season...
That's different.

Elder Scrolls Online launches Necrom for console, patches companions on PC

Console players eager to return to Morrowind can do so today as the Necrom expanshapaign has fully launched for Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox...

Lightyear Frontier is a sci-fi multiplayer ‘open-world farming adventure’ headed for early access next year

What is life like as an exofarmer? Just what is an exofarmer? Can a mech be a farming implement? We're all likely to find...

Star Trek Online releases Unraveled, its new episode, and its new TFO for console

Console fans are finally joining their PC siblings in Star Trek Online's Unraveled season, which has kicked off on Xbox and PlayStation today. As...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak sees its final update with a new monster variant, new quests, and new skills

Today has seen the final content update arrive to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which is being called a "bonus update" owing to the fact...

Microsoft is hit with $20M fine for collecting the personal information of children on Xbox

Microsoft has earned the ire of the US Federal Trade Commission and has been slapped with a $20M fine by the government agency for...

South Korean UE5 MMORPG Chrono Odyssey drops brand-new trailer and crossplatform plans

The teasers didn't lie: Chrono Odyssey is happening. South Korean studio Npixel confirmed the long-awaited MMORPG is really truly en route in its announcement...

Vampire hunting co-op FPS Redfall goes live tonight – here’s when it does so around the globe

Tonight is the night when FPS fans can don the persona of one of several hunters heading to help a New England town that's...

Diablo IV is running a ‘Server Slam’ stress test the weekend of May 12

This morning, we noted the rumor that Blizzard might be plotting another Diablo IV beta, and during the studio's stream this afternoon, that's exactly...

Ubisoft’s free-to-play arena shooter XDefiant runs closed beta for PC and console until April 23

Is it really a closed beta test if it appears to be open to those who register or snag access by watching a livestream?...
It costs.

Star Trek Online upgrades Xbox Series X|S version as Cryptic’s login problems persist

Star Trek Online just uploaded a major upgrade for its Xbox Series X|S users. Cryptic said in a press release that the patch will...