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Elder Scrolls Online’s Gold Road chapter is now live on Xbox and PlayStation

Elder Scrolls Online enchanted PC players, including MOP's Chris, with Gold Road earlier this month, and now it's angling to do the same for...

SGF 2024: Hands-on with NCsoft’s long-awaited Throne and Liberty, launching September 17

Most of the games I played at Summer Game Fest were more enjoyable than I expected - including Throne and Liberty, which was probably...

New World opens console sign-ups for its July Aeternum beta test

Now that you've heard what our own writer thought about his hands-on with New World Aeternum at Summer Game Fest, you can get your...

Vitae Aeternum: New World’s Aeternum relaunch is actually a solid update – with terrible timing and comms

After months of waiting, New World's June mystery announcement has been revealed as New World: Aeternum, a console release coupled with a rebranding and...

ARK Survival Ascended adds The Center map, paid critter DLC, and premium mods on console

ARK Survival Evolved reboot/rebrand ARK Survival Ascended is doing something new this week: It's launching a new paid DLC series focused on new tamed...

MMO Business Roundup: Activision owned cheatmaker EngineOwning

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent business news! Business business business and all that. EngineOwning got owned - File this one...

Throne & Liberty’s next global beta remains under NDA, tests combat and trading

We're just a week away from Throne & Liberty's next big global test run, and ahead of the event, Amazon has released a dev...

Final Fantasy XIV players report being banned on Xbox for advertising their free companies (guilds)

So how are things going with the Final Fantasy XIV version on Xbox Series X|S? Well, you would think that Microsoft had done enough...

Paragon-spinoff Predecessor has soft launched into F2P open beta early access on Steam (and everywhere else)

Predecessor - the latest shooter spawned from the ashes of Epic Games' defunct MOBA Paragon - has officially launched into open beta today on...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Scions of Ithelia DLC is live on Xbox and PlayStation consoles

Console players are finally getting their spring treat from The Elder Scrolls Online, as the Scions of Ithelia DLC and update 41 are finally...

Final Fantasy XIV has officially launched on Xbox Series X|S

We are sorry to tell you that playing The Most Expensive Version of Final Fantasy XIV does not confer additional benefits on you like...
Now you can play with your straight friends!

Final Fantasy XIV clarifies the pricing structure for players on Xbox Series X|S

If you were still harboring some distant hope that Final Fantasy XIV's subscription would in some way be rolled into Game Pass for Xbox...

Predecessor, another MOBA built from the bones of Paragon, plans March 28 open beta while still in early access

It appears that we can't be rid of the ghosts of Paragon, Epic Games' swing at the MOBA craze that was shuttered in 2018...

MultiVersus is back and launching May 28 with a ground-up rebuild and PvE mode

Multiversus made waves - and not the good kind - when a year ago Warner Bros. and Player First Games closed down the super...
There is another shore, you know.

Final Fantasy XIV will launch on Xbox on March 21

Well, it looks like the beta for Final Fantasy XIV on the Xbox Series X|S is not going to last particularly long after all....
Now you can play with your straight friends!

Microsoft will require Final Fantasy XIV players to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass in order to play the game

It's tucked away in the announcement that Final Fantasy XIV's beta on the Xbox Series X|S starts on February 21st, but the announcement does...
Now you can play with your straight friends!

Final Fantasy XIV jumps the gun on Xbox open beta announcement

One of the biggest developments for Final Fantasy XIV in 2024 that isn't named "Dawntrail" has to be the MMO's debut on Microsoft's game...

Grand Theft Auto VI announced for 2025 – but PC and multiplayer mentions are missing

Following last night's unfortunate leak of Grand Theft Auto VI's promised video debut, Rockstar came out this week to officially confirm that it is...

The MOP Up: Dragon and Home goes to the Blazing Desert

Dragon and Home warmed up a chilly winter with the debut of its third continent, the Blazing Desert. "This vast world presents the splendor of...

The MOP Up: It’s the great Albion, Charlie Brown!

Albion Online is getting into the spirit of Halloween with its Harvest Challenge: "Fall has come to the world of Albion... the shadows are...