New World will merge down 17 ‘legacy’ servers as the Turkolon event returns

It makes sense, given the context.

Will no one think of the poor turkeys?!¬†Amazon patched up New World overnight, and the key feature is Turkulon, which essentially adds a turkey world boss spawn in a ton of places across the world map. Turkulon drops six legs (don’t think about this too hard), which players must then cook into a turkey dinner that grants quite a nice buff.

The patch also includes a range of bug fixes, tweaks for the blunderbuss and ice gauntlet, and nerfs for a trio of encounters.

Meanwhile, last night Amazon announced that it will be merging “legacy worlds” – i.e., some of the servers left behind after the big rush to the fresh start servers – later this week. Seventeen servers are affected, merging down into eight, along regional lines; the company told players it considers “a combination of average concurrency, active characters, faction population, and more to determine which worlds should be merged.”

The studio says it’s not planning to add more fresh start servers or offer more free transfer tokens; instead, it’s “actively working on cross server matches” to ensure “players can partake in modes like Outpost Rush when on a lower population world.”

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