Star Wars The Old Republic players return to Ord Mantell in 7.4 Chains of the Dark


The BioWare-turned-Broadsword team has finally taken the wraps off Star Wars The Old Republic’s 7.4 update, dubbed Chains in the Dark. According to the press release and developer stream today, the content picks up after the 7.2 update’s Shae Vizla/Heta Kol showdown and sends players to the island of Kessan’s Landing on Ord Mantell.

“Kessan’s Landing is a new landing zone on Ord Mantell,” the studio says. “Players will find that they can complete repeatable missions, and obtain new Achievements and Reputation rewards. There will also be a chain of side missions that will take players all over the galaxy, allowing them to assemble a piece of tech that will be very useful on Kessan’s Landing.”

The team has also teased the FR3-D0M world boss, a new character lighting tool for cinematic content (even old content), power ceiling upgrades to some armor and legendary implants, the return of old characters and one new one, specularity tech for metallic and matte armor and new dyes too, and of course, the promised auction hall revamp.

“An overhaul to the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) is coming to 7.4. The GTN is completely rebuilt, making it more accessible but also familiar to players. Players will see a new advanced search section, and a more streamlined flow for claiming and selling items.”

No official date was given, but since the 7.4 update also includes Life Day, we can probably expect it closer to Christmas – and it’ll hit the PTR likely this week.

Source: Press release, Twitch
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