Major MMO studio owned by EA, famous for its RPG franchises and particularly to MMO players for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Victorian gaslamp multiplayer PvE sandbox Nightingale teases travel in new Game Awards trailer

We've had an eye on Inflexion Games' multiplayer survival sandbox Nightingale since its debut last year - in fact, it was meant to hit...

The MOP Up: SWTOR spins a Bounty Hunter yarn

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it was nearly your bedtime and Star Wars: The Old Republic sat down next...
It makes sense, given the context.

Global Chat: Turkeys terrorize New World

While y'all eat turkeys this week, in New World, the turkeys terrorize you! Heartless Gamer navigated the gobble massacre in excruciating detail. "Over all the...

The Stream Team: Coming for Corellia lore in SWTOR

Massively OP's Larry and MJ managed to cross a couple of planets off their SWTOR Galactic Loremaster to-do list, but it wasn't the two...

Global Chat: Do SWTOR’s companions carry the player?

Due to issues of pride and fear of snarky comments, most of us might not admit to ever being carried through MMO content. But...

Massively Overthinking: Changing ‘mains’ in MMOs

When I first started MMOs, the idea of mains and alts was bizarre to me. Why would I spend time on a second character...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 396: Crowfalling

Justin and Bree discuss Crowfall, Blue Protocol, SWTOR, New World, Q3 2022 financials (for Blizzard, Pearl Abyss, Square Enix, NCsoft), and new patches (for DDO, Neverwinter, Blade and Soul, EVE Online, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online), with a mailbag topic covering Shadowbane, Second Live, Secret World, and Ultima Online.

Star Wars The Old Republic revives the Feast of Prosperity event for November

Last month, Star Wars: The Old Republic released its latest game update, which primarily was all about Galactic Season 3 as one might expect....

Star Wars: The Old Republic puts its new planet of Ruhnuk through testing

What could bring the deeply opposed forces of the Republic and Empire together in harmony? Only the news of a chunky game update for...

SWTOR is launching Showdown on Ruhnuk with new planet and PvP overhaul by the end of the year

During its livestream last night, BioWare revealed Star Wars The Old Republic's next big thing: Game Update 7.2, Showdown on Ruhnuk, launching "winter 2022."...

The Stream Team: Marking Makeb and Hoth off the lore to-do list in SWTOR

Massively OP's Larry and MJ can't help but be excited/relieved as they close in on completing the Galactic Loremaster achievement in SWTOR. Today, Makeb...

Loric Games commits Mythic and BioWare vets to building a survival game rich in story

What happens when you combine the experience of former BioWare and Mythic Entertainment devs with the survival sandbox sub-genre? We're all projected to find...

The Stream Team: Planet hopping for SWTOR achievements

How many planets can Massively OP's Larry and MJ clear in their quest for SWTOR's Galactic Loremaster achievement in one go? Tonight, they plan...

Perfect Ten: 10 things to understand about MMO Bards

In the past four installments of this pseudo-series, I have done columns on archetypes that exist in every single game. Every game has a...

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Galactic Season 3 is back online with new and adjusted rewards

After a bit of a delay caused by an unexplained issue, players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can finally get themselves a companion...
I'm an excellent fighter.

Star Wars The Old Republic delays Galactic Season 3 launch over unspecified ‘issue’

Star Wars: The Old Republic had planned to kick off Galactic Season 3 with yesterday's patch, but apparently some unforeseen issue has derailed that...

Star Wars: The Old Republic kicks off Galactic Season 3 and doubles outfitter slots

A long time ago on a server far, far away, Bothans infiltrated the BioStar to find the plans for Star Wars: The Old Republic's...

The Daily Grind: Should MMO studios ditch forums for an official Discord server?

With Discord becoming so prominent in the gaming industry over the past half-decade, it's no surprise that some studios are abandoning forums entirely to...

The Stream Team: The SWTOR Vodcast of random subjects

When you've got to pick a new day for your SWTOR adventures, you've also got to pick new topics to talk about! Well, Massively...

Star Wars: The Old Republic brings its shiny new forums online

No longer will Star Wars: The Old Republic's forums be considered a "heap of junk" or a "scruffy-looking nerfherder." BioWare proudly announced that it...