Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost returns for the Halloween season, is met with general player dissatisfaction


The masks are on, the weapons are loaded, and the Halloween season is now online for Destiny 2: It’s time for the annual Festival of the Lost, which features some familiar activities that have a new spin as well as a few tweaks to the well-known activity formula for those who would rather chase specific treats instead of rolling the engram dice.

This year’s seasonal event is once more asking players to wear a mask instead of their very best helmet, then enter Lost Sectors to slaughter enemies, gather candy, and maybe earn new eerie engrams and other seasonal goodies. However, this year’s edition of the festival provides a couple of previously discussed new features like the higher difficulty (and commensurately more rewarding) Legend Lost Sectors and the ability to perform “hocus focusing” that lets players spend candy and eerie engrams on getting wanted rewards.

On the subject of rewards, the event introduces a new Acosmic grenade launcher, a new leathery gun skin as a memento, and several returning weapons on top of the selection of specific exotic armor pieces that can be gained through hocus focusing. Bungie would also really like people to spend money in the cash shop for various cosmetics like the insect-like armor ornaments that players voted for, a selection of emotes, and an upgrade to the event card, though actually playing the event and getting most of the event’s rewards will be mercifully free for all players.

In spite of all of the thematic fun being offered in the looter shooter, most of the general player sentiment appears to be unhappy, with multiple unimpressed responses pouring from Twitter and several problems raised by players on Reddit including enemy hard caps, the apparently stingy memento reward, balance complaints for the Legend Haunted Sectors, and annoyance at the required mask basically being a helmet with trash stats.

sources: press release, Twitter, Reddit
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