Destiny 2 teases next week’s Festival of the Lost Halloween event


Regular players of Destiny 2 are likely familiar with the Festival of the Lost, the looter shooter’s annual Halloween celebration. so word of its imminent return next week from Bungie isn’t exactly earth-shaking news. However, the game’s weekly newsletter offers up some more information about this year’s spooky festivities, particularly in the case of the new rewards that will be available during the event.

The primary loop of wearing masks and entering haunted sectors will still be in play, but this year will introduce legend haunted sectors as well as new eerie engram drops. These seasonal engrams can either be cracked open like normal engrams or brought back to Eva Levante in the Tower for “hocus focusing” that lets players unlock a specific weapon or exotic armor. The kinds of items that will be available for hocus focusing will depend on the expansions players own, though there are plenty of other goodies for those who haven’t bought in to the shooter at full tilt. Additionally, legend haunted sectors will have a higher chance of eerie engrams dropping out of foes.

While the Festival is a PvE-centric activity, the newsletter isn’t leaving PvPers out in the dark, as it points out some tweaks coming to Checkmate mode, updates being made to matchmaking, and promises of targeted improvements to spawning, before closing out with a rundown of changes coming to Season 23 PvP.

Finally, the newsletter closes with a nod to D2’s long-tail battle with overpowered weapons crafting aka The Craftening: Season 23 will grant players who were in-game between September 15th and 21st with a commemorative emblem and Bungie makes a nod to potential plans for “some fun shenanigans in the future” that spawned from “the creativity many [players] had when experimenting with this new world of possibilities.”

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