Funcom releases a free Conan Exiles-themed text adventure


Just because Conan was an illiterate brute who’d much rather be burning down libraries than curling up with a good book in an overstuffed armchair doesn’t mean that you have to surrender your ability to master the printed word to engage with him.

Funcom announced that its Heroic Signatures subsidiary published a new Conan text adventure game this week called Tavern of Treachery. This free choose-your-own-adventure is available on the Conan website and even comes with a prize attached: “Players who succeed in gaining Conan’s favor will be awarded with a link where they can sign up for a chance to win a magnificent new full-size poster of the Hyborian Age map.”

The studio said that the text adventure — which you can play right the heck now — is “closely tied” with Conan Exiles and takes place in the Dusky Coil Inn.

“Working with developer and writer Lo Terry, Heroic Signatures wish to balance some of the freedoms of AI with the tailored scenarios and characters of Conan’s world,” Funcom said.

Source: Funcom, Conan
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