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Conan Exiles

Funcom releases a free Conan Exiles-themed text adventure

Just because Conan was an illiterate brute who'd much rather be burning down libraries than curling up with a good book in an overstuffed...

Not So Massively: I like survival mechanics, not survival games

When I played We Happy Few, one of the things that surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed the survival mechanics. I...

Funcom delays Conan Chop Chop into 2020 to add ‘full online multiplayer’

Go ahead and laugh, but one of the fall games I was genuinely looking forward to was Conan Chop Chop. It's Funcom's latest Conan...
A tremendous accomplishment in whatever field you were trying to pursue.

They’re taking the hobbits to Conan Exiles, where someone rebuilt the Shire

Well, this is something new. If you were to draw a Venn diagram of the ways that the world of Conan and Lord of...

Not So Massively: First impressions of Conan Unconquered

I don't have any particular attachment to Conan the Barbarian as a franchise. I'm barely even familiar with it, in fact. But I do...

Conan Unconquered slides its release date ahead a day to May 29

Well, this is a pretty different sort of release date adjustment. Conan Unconquered has decided that Thursday, May 30th, is just too round a...

Conan Unconquered delves into co-op mechanics, announces challenge mode feature in new video

Funcom's upcoming barbarian-based RTS Conan Unconquered is just over a week from release, when it will give players the opportunity to enter the world...

Funcom’s Conan Unconquered isn’t an MMO – it’s a strategy game

When Funcom announced last week that it was debuting yet another Conan title, the guessing game was on. Battle royale? OARPG? Mobile? Retro? RPG?...

Conan Exiles is revamping bows and throwing weapons and adding a new katana weapon archetype

With the latest patch on Conan Exiles's TestLive server, players now have more ways than ever to crush their enemies, see them driven before...

Funcom is hiring for 40 new positions at its Oslo and North Carolina studios

The folks over at Funcom are looking to bring some fresh blood on board at their Oslo, Norway, and Durham, North Carolina, studios. According...
How long? For what?

Age of Conan’s Saga of Blood PvP legacy server goes live today

Today, Age of Conan is opening up a new Saga Server, Saga of Blood, which offers players a chance to take part in a...

Conan Exiles shows off the Midnight Grove dungeon and the Jhebbal Sag religion

This week's Conan Exiles community newsletter is all about the new Midnight Grove dungeon and the Jhebbal Sag religion path. The Midnight Grove is...

Age of Conan formally announces Saga of Blood PvP server and event

Things are about to get bloody (or bloodier than usual, I suppose) in Funcom's Age of Conan with the release of a brand-new Saga...

Conan Exiles newsletter previews updated map and weapon combos, announces 4x XP PvP event

The latest edition of Conan Exiles's community newsletter is out, and it's packed with loads of information about patch schedules, the upcoming updated map,...

Conan Exiles patch brings gamebreaking bugs, causes community uproar

It seems there's been a bit of a hubbub surrounding the latest patch for Conan Exiles. It all started a few days ago, when...

Age of Conan’s first saga server heads into its final month

The end of the world is bearing down on some Age of Conan players, but that's exactly when things get interesting. Funcom's special Saga...

Funcom gets $10.6M investment, signs deal to handle Conan and other RPG properties

Funcom's not quite done with Conan just yet, not by a long shot. The Conan Exiles studio announced today that it has signed a deal...
He seems nice.

Funcom shares its future plans for Conan Exiles from the GDC show floor

It's full speed ahead for Conan Exiles development this year, with no plans to slow down the game's pace over the next several months....

Age of Conan composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen to helm Conan Exiles soundtrack

Funcom's getting the crew back together for Conan Exiles! Well, part of the crew: The studio announced today that it's roped in Age of...

Conan Exiles includes purges, human sacrifice, and nudity

While the upcoming Conan Exiles will take place in the same fictional universe as Age of Conan and be made by the same studio,...