Age of Conan’s first saga server heads into its final month


The end of the world is bearing down on some Age of Conan players, but that’s exactly when things get interesting. Funcom’s special Saga of Zath server has just a month left to go before the studio merges its population in with the Crom server and turns out the lights.

Before then, players can race to earn special gear and vanity items for the main server. To help with that, Funcom is giving all players a free extra specialization, cutting the price of mounts in half, chopping XP booster prices down by 75%, and making raid and PvP gear bundles available.

Saga of Zath started up back in January as a special time-limited PvE server. Players had just a few months to go through a saga quest to earn rewards and gain items. When the merge happens on May 15th, all Zath characters will be transferred to Crom with all progress and inventory intact.

Source: Age of Conan


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Dagget Burmese

And most of those chars will land back on Crom with names like R1357893

Also, no confirmation yet if the addition of a character slot when the Saga char returns will work correctly if you already have 20 full slots (ie make it 21)