Wisdom of Nym: What we know so far about Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch

Back up.
Yes, the latest live letter happened, the fan translations happened, and as one could expect the Final Fantasy XIV fandom has already taken half-translated facts and suspected tidbits as gospel right off the bat. Who could have seen this coming, and so forth. let’s see if we get actually translated and accurate information any faster than usual, although I suspect it’ll be at around the same pace as always.

If I sound annoyed, that’s because I am.

Regardless of the inefficiency of the presentation, we did find out a fair bit about the next patch and associated features for patch 4.3, so we can start discussing some of the things we need to know about the update. Of course, no small amount of what we know is coming is stuff that we could also have expected to see just because of the game’s fundamental structure, but there’s also a lot of genuinely surprising bits. So let’s start in with the stuff that isn’t a new dungeon, a new Alliance Raid, or points related, yes?

It’s really more like the high dungeon

Just keep climbing, just keep climbing.Heaven-on-High has been towering above the Ruby Sea as the obvious objective of the next Deep Dungeon segment for ages now, but I’m happy to hear that it’s not just going to be the same as before but with new floors. The nice part about FFXIV in general has always been the way that existing content gets built off of prior content, refined and expanded in ways that offer new adventures; it’s not like the initial Deep Dungeon is now irrelevant, just no longer max-level content.

We’ve also been told that the first 30 floors are the “entry,” with the later portions more devoted to offering a challenge. This in and of itself is interesting, as the game has generally explored new ways to challenge groups and it implies that we won’t have the same leveling system that we did in the Palace of the Dead. I’m curious to see what we have instead as well as what the ultimate rewards will be; the weapons of the initial outing were a useful alternative for gearing and for cosmetics, so I imagine it’ll be something similar.

We know next to nothing about what’s actually here yet, of course. So we’ve got lots of space to speculate about how this will be different, but not nearly as much information about how those differences will manifest. I’m curious, but then, I was a big fan of the original Deep Dungeon, so the revival can’t help but intrigue me.

Craft until you can’t craft no more

The Namazu seemed like an obvious crafting tribe, although part of me wondered if we would get something with the Lupines. Not that such an eventuality is precluded at this point, of course; it would just be a little surprising after we’ve already had a pattern established for how many tribe quests we’ll get in an expansion. But the Namazu already have a base of operations and a love of shiny things, so the two tend to go together nicely.

I was going to be a little annoyed at another patch story and beast tribe sending us back into Othard, but the last patch’s tribe brought us to Gyr Abania, so perhaps there’s only so much that can be done in swapping locales. We’re still spending a lot of time in Othard, of course; one might even assume that the new dungeon and the new Alliance Raid will kick off there, based on previous information. One hopes Lyse is managing all right.

The inclusion of a new Custom Delivery target also means that you’ll have plenty of delivery options that are higher-level than our good friend Zhloe; one can only hope that Khloe will migrate soon to give us less reason to run back and forth to Idyllshire. (That system is due for a bit of an upgrade anyway.) Considering the build-up of the Doman Enclave, it’s not difficult to speculate about where we’ll be focusing our attentions.

Glimglam all the livelong day

Even if I'm not always happy with the execution, I can't be angry about a new feature that facilitates what I already do a lot of the time.Being able to reclaim items from the glamour dresser is a nice change, but not a massively needed one for my money; then again, the inclusion of mannequins might make this feature more necessary than you could think. Or perhaps less necessary, depending upon what is done to set up those mannequins.

The idea of linking a given plate to a given set implies that some larger-scale changes and more slots may be coming soon, both of which are good things. My feeling had always been that the glamour chest, like many things, was meant more as an initial run than a here-then-done feature; it’s the start of a new and more comprehensive system across the board, such as one allowing you to just have specific glamours for specific jobs.

Of course, as it stands that would be precluded if you switch jobs in the wider world, but glamouring a slot itself rather than applying a permanent glamour could have advantages. It could also be unnecessary for certain glamours that are meant to be applied broadly in the first place; further information, as always, will be required for a final determination.

Companion apps and something for nothing

Yes, the tempest in a teacup has been the revelation that the mobile app will have some sort of “premium” version that requires some additional amount of money (we don’t know how much) to access a few additional features. It’s the big point of contention for a certain component of the fanbase.

It’s also something that I find it impossible to care about. Like, at all. This not only doesn’t bother me, it anti-bothers me.

None of the functions discussed are any different than the ones you can also access by just sitting at home all day and playing the game. If you have a situation where you want to do these things but cannot be home, right now, you can’t do it at all. With the premium service, you can. If this stuff doesn’t sound worth extra money to you, then don’t pay it.

I recognize the impulse to feel as if these are somehow necessary features, just like I understand being annoyed at the thought of getting a bigger bag only if you subscribe to a feature. But that ship has sailed a long time ago; you get a bonus already if you buy an authenticator or use the mobile authenticator, Final Fantasy XI gives you more bag space for that, and so on. I can see living without it, I can also see it being an add-on that makes more sense than just paying for an additional retainer.

My advice is to wait until you actually have pricing information and an overview of what these things will do before you get up in arms over it. Being able to manage your inventory during your lunch break certainly won’t hurt, but if it’s two bucks a month, that’s not worth getting upset about either way.

Or you could keep pitching a fit about something that got an offhand reference and hasn’t been detailed yet, you do you.

Feedback, as always, is welcome down in the comments or via mail to eliot@massivelyop.com. Next week, as we’re unlikely to have much additional information about the next patch, let’s talk a little bit about how we’ll be at a major story junction and where we might be going next.

The Nymian civilization hosted an immense amount of knowledge and learning, but so much of it has been lost to the people of Eorzea. That doesn’t stop Eliot Lefebvre from scrutinizing Final Fantasy XIV each week in Wisdom of Nym, hosting guides, discussion, and opinions without so much as a trace of rancor.
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Diego Lindenmeyer

turning into more P2W & less content :x


It’s no big deal.
Box+sub+cash shop+more sub for bank space+even more sub for more bank slots and utility that can be done at home?
No big deal.
You have to pay for quality like Eureka, and pay again, and again, and again! It’s not like those bad F2P MMOs where you spend money for more bag space, in FFXIV we don’t do that.
We rent space that “can’t be added because servers would suffer”, we pay to skip the shit content (that was amazing but isn’t anymore, play FFXIV please it’s better than WoW we swear!) with potions, and we sub to the mobile app for “convenience” unlike those dirty F2P games where you pay for convenience.

Hail Yoshi-P.

Vincent Clark



We don’t know anything about app pricing and such because SE’s communication is frankly terrible. You seem to be talking down about fan translations and reddit pages, but that’s the only reason the NA fanbase knows ANYTHING about this patch. It’s a weirdly condescending tone in this article.

Anyway… the phone app structure is mirroring P2W app structures: daily logins to get currency, a VIP package to get more currency, and then a premium currency to bypass restrictions. The restrictions are frankly absurd. The free version can’t even access your retainer inventory, which is where most of your stuff is. A paid feature lets you move stuff directly between retainer and chocobo inventory, which is something you can’t do in the game itself (you have to use your own inventory as a middle step). The limit of 1 transaction per day is comically absurd when the WoW equivalent allowed *200*, without a paid version.

And of course, they want $5 a month to pay for more of that, plus extra storage in game. It’s EA level sleazy, frankly. This is already an expensive game and they think there should be a second sub on top of the first one? It’s ridiculous. Where is all this money going when they still can’t make my party show up more than 15 feet away from me in Eureka reliably?

There’s also that bizarre change to Alliance raid loot rules that is seemingly coming out of nowhere and solving a problem nobody knew existed.

Vincent Clark

There is absolutely nothing “P2W” about this app. Nothing. I realize people like to throw that term around like it’s candy at Halloween, but please–can we tone down the rhetoric? And comparing SE to EA is comical. I agree with you about the Alliance raid loot changes, however, it does seem a bit odd.


I didn’t say it was P2W. I said it mimics a P2W app structure. And it absolutely does. Currency required to do anything, which you are required to login daily to get. VIP package that gets you more. Premium currrency to bypass that.

How this works is indistinguishable from any one of a million P2W phone games. It just so happens that in this case the tokens don’t do anything particularly useful yet.

Doesn’t make it any less sleazy. There’s no reason to have this structure in place at all if they don’t intend to gate stuff behind it and try to suck more money out of people, unless they just wanted to grossly overcomplicate it for no reason. (Which SE is prone to do, I suppose.)

Vincent Clark

You are not required to log in daily. There is nothing that app does that you can’t simply do by…wait for it…logging into the game and playing (gasp!). This is another case of certain FFXIV players going off the rails about…essentially nothing. Every time a cosmetic is added to the mog station, people rage…all while conveniently forgetting the hundreds (if not thousands) of unique craftable items already in-game and being added with each patch.

Perspective is thrown out the window in place of doom and gloom speculation. If you honestly think that Yoshi and his team are going to force any legitimate content behind another pay wall you haven’t been paying attention.


TLDR (cause this kind of got away from me as I was typing): We get plenty of info even without the fan translations, some of the app announcement wasn’t clear but also didn’t appear to show some of the functionality (moving things directly between chocobo bags and retainer inventory) you mention, I’m betting the intent behind the market use limit is they want it to be a convenient and casually used thing (and the premium currency is more a product of the culture that developed the app rather than a money grab scheme), extra saddlebag space tied to paid sub on the app is a mistake.

Full Text

The unofficial translations give additional context and commentary – the majority of information gained is via the slides in the LL itself. Even without the fan translations we’d know quite a bit about what is coming. Still, I find his tone and overall frustration at that particular issue to be weirdly misplaced (but personally, it’s not the first time I’ve thought his take on something was weird, off, or inaccurate).

That being said – the app is one spot where I’m not sure any translation (or the original language of the announcement) has given us a clear picture of certain things – namely being able to transfer between retainers and the chocobo saddlebag. The slides just mention being able to organize both (which can be read as organizing them with them interacting, or that you can organize your retainers and you can also organize your chocobo bag via the app with the premium version), and the live demonstration provided by Yoshida only involved him moving things from inventory and didn’t show moving from the retainer to the saddlebag or vice versa. I feel like if you could do that, they’d have highlighted it as an additional function, since it doesn’t work that way in-game as you said, and they do tend to point out when things work differently. If it doesn’t work any differently than in-game, then *shrug* but if it does, that’s crap.

The limit is in this weird grey area for me. I’m not a fan of the “we’re limiting this, but you can pay to bypass the limit” side of it. I also don’t see it as being that big of an advantage, and if someone wants to waste their money on undercutting by a few gil per transaction that they have to pay for when all it takes to mess up their effort is for a couple individuals to do the same undercutting process in-game for free, then that’s their problem.

Honestly, it reads as if it’s intended for more casual use, in that you dip in and change some listings every once in a while, rather than incentivizing a player to keep buying Moogle Coins to keep changing listings constantly). Now if it worked like Blizzard’s Remote Auction House app feature did for a while after release where you could do many transactions under a premium version (before it was changed in 2015, you had to pay a monthly sub to access the AH functionality), then I’d be concerned…but as is, I think it’s really meant to just be a convenience used from time to time, not something where they are trying to get you to buy the coins all the time.

Now, that all being said, the increase to the chocobo saddlebag size being tied to the premium fee is a big misstep, in my opinion. While I personally think the base inventory amount is fine (if you try and hold on to everything it’s not enough, but I don’t think you need to at all, and players that do are creating a self-inflicted problem) and is actually more generous than many other MMOs, and that the additional chocobo storage isn’t really needed…it would be both welcome and I think a better PR move to tie just getting the extra 70 slots to just having the app, and leave the organizing it as a feature of the paid version.


Part of it is on players, and part of it isn’t. There’s a million damn currencies for everything, most of which don’t use the currency tab. Buying and upgrading a creation weapon requires three currencies (only one of which is treated as a currency), two intermediary items, and five different vendor transactions. That’ll get worse in 4.3 because if it goes like last time, you’ll need two coins instead of one for the roborant, so yet another item to hang onto. Every raid tier is a giant glob of new items that don’t mix with anything else, Eureka has two types of crystals because reasons and a million lockboxes…

and that’s before crafting, which is an interconnected mix of things needing things from other things and one final item can take upwards of twenty components. Many of those are on timed nodes and not easy to simply get on demand when you want to make something. So you either plan ahead, or you wind up hoarding. That part isn’t on the players. SE adds so many items that have a single use that it leads to people running out of space really easily.

The actual app itself is pretty dumb IMO, as is having a sub on it. What it actually does isn’t a big deal, but if the idea that they have a paid currency to get more of stuff sticks around, you can expect more heavy monetization of it in the future. They’re not going to build all this infrastructure around kupo nuts and another premium currency to be used for only this.

Kawaii Five-O

I hope there’s enough of a stink over that change to alliance raid loot rules that it’s overturned before it’s ever even implemented.

Even if it only affects ‘non-relevant’ raids, it’s still absurd. The main reason to do the older ones most of the time is to complete sets for alt jobs. If you want the gear for a specific job, you play that job. It’s already frustrating enough to get specific pieces without having to worry about competing against your entire party.

If they’re trying to make it easier to get high ilevel gear for alt jobs then give us tokens to exchange, because I totally loved running Weeping City of Mach over 40 times for the healer chest piece (which I still don’t have btw).


Yup. If it was just on the cards and orchestron rolls? Sure. Make those greed only, no harm done. It’s completely nuts on gear. Plus they give you mhachi coins every time you run it which have no real value for anything now, why not let people trade those in for the glamour items?


I’m not sure why the new dungeon, which has its entrance in Yanxia (did you not watch the LL to see that, including the name, in the English written on the slides?), would have its start in Gyr Abania.

Same with the new raid, since last I checked the NPCs (the traveling theatre troupe) are still floating in their fancy airship outside Kugane.

Whatever secret fight/boss we have for the 8 man trial is also probably based out of Othard, since we know it’s tied to the story and we know that the MSQ is taking place in that region and is meant to finish up the Othard part of the story there as well.

So not sure why you think any of that would be taking place in Gyr Abania.


I mean, the slides said the price was 500 yen, which will probably end up translating to $4-5. I’m not too fussed about it myself, but we’re not working COMPLETELY blind in that regard. The condescension towards the end seems unnecessary, like you’re using your article to win a Reddit argument.