server merge

Two weeks into early access, Kickstarted survivalbox Fractured Veil patches up and merges servers

While server merges are sometimes necessary and healthy, they're not the best optics when they happen mere weeks after a game's early access release....
Thrones and something, I guess?

Throne & Liberty KR details rank resets and economy updates happening in its January 17 server merging

Players of the Korean version of Throne & Liberty already knew that a server merge was coming this week, but now the game's official...

Runes of Magic merges European servers, activates bonus XP weekend

Whenever I try to visualize a server merge, I picture a studio taking two server blades, smooshing them together, and saying, "Now... KISS!" However...

Aion Classic NA confirms server merges are coming on September 19

The classic chestnut of smooshing two MMORPG servers together in order to bolster the overall population is happening once more, this time to a...

Tower of Fantasy’s July 25 and 26 server merges will condense players into their respective individual regions

Tower of Fantasy has completed server merges plenty of times before, but the shared world RPG's next one is going to be what we...
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New World’s latest server merges are happening tomorrow

When New World announced plans for another round of server merges affecting several servers for players in the Americas and central EU, one of...

Tower of Fantasy announces a round of server merges coming on April 17

When Tower of Fantasy was spooling up hype for its upcoming 2.4 update, one of the features that was heralded by developer Hotta Studio...

Tower of Fantasy unveils server merge plans and quality-of-life adjustments arriving in update 2.4

While update 2.4 for Tower of Fantasy is bringing some deep sea content for players, there's more coming to the game in the patch,...
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New World prepares for yet another round of server merges today as population declines

Happy merge day, New World fans! OK, so maybe the thrill has worn off a bit, given how many merge days New World has...

New World details another round of server merges happening on January 10

At this point it's not really surprising when New World shifts its number of servers up and down - scalable server services is part...

Chimeraland is merging its global servers after just three months, and yes you might lose your house

Chimeraland fans, if you've been thinking that the game's population is shrinking and is in need of a merge, then Level Infinite agrees with...

Lost Ark offers start date and timing for western European and South American server merges

The smooshing together of servers for Lost Ark, which readers will remember was first detailed at the beginning of September, is proceeding on as...

New World’s July 22 server merging will see some regions collapse into a single server

The New World is beginning to shrink once again, at least as far as its regional servers are concerned. Amazon Games put out a...

VR MMO Zenith is closing down 40% of its servers, though apparently not for the reason you’re thinking

Cyberpunk virtual reality MMORPG Zenith is shutting down servers, and if you believe studio Ramen VR, it's not because of a drop in players...

WoW Classic to retire 21 servers while Diablo II improves its lobby

It's common knowledge these days that the population of Burning Crusade Classic has dipped significantly from the initial boom of launch, a fact that...

Mabinogi celebrates 14th birthday, plans server merges and new server too

This weekend's a big one for long-running anime sandbox Mabinogi: The game is turning 14 years old on Sunday, complete with a full round...

New World is handing out more free server transfer tokens to players today

Today marks another important date for New World players, specifically those who have been looking to shift one of their characters to a new...

New World announces new server merge for February 8, confirms more merges coming soon

In the middle of December, New World announced that it would be merging servers for various global regions, though some would be later than...
Specter of fun.

Elyon details February server merge, patches in Lunar New Year event and season pass

When the server merge happens for Elyon on February 16th, there are oh so many reasons why your character might be deleted. Do you have...

EverQuest II is merging its Rivervale heroic server in January

If you're an EverQuest II player with a character on the Rivervale server, it's time to start packing your bags. Daybreak and Darkpaw announced...