Aion Classic NA confirms server merges are coming on September 19


The classic chestnut of smooshing two MMORPG servers together in order to bolster the overall population is happening once more, this time to a pair of servers for the NA version of Aion Classic on Tuesday, September 19th.

The Siel and Nezekan servers will be brought together to form the new Siel server on the appointed date in an effort to “create a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for all Aion Classic players.” More details about this server merge are promised next week on September 5th, along with an FAQ to be published in the near future.

In the meantime, Aion Classic got a small patch that primarily disengages a couple of events and kicks off Season 28 of the Daeva Pass. On that subject, the pass will be available until September 26th, while the season itself wraps up on September 24th.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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