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Runes of Magic offers an FAQ ahead of its upcoming server merges

Server merges! They're fun for the family, assuming that the family in question has some really weird definitions of fun. Also, they're coming to...
Is that you, agony?

Wakfu launches Agony Unchained while outlining server merging plans

The latest update for Wakfu is off the chain. Or at least agony is off the chain, since it's literally titled Agony Unchained, strongly implying...
Find the path.

RIFT to merge European servers and kill open PvP shard

Scooch over and make room, RIFT European players, because you're about to have company. Gamigo announced on Friday that it will be merging several of...

Closers will merge its NA and EU servers into a single world server on January 29

This month, anime-action MMO Closers will be bringing continents together as it merges its NA and EU servers into a single worldwide server in...

ArcheAge’s latest ‘server evolution’ process is underway

Yesterday, ArcheAge began the process of "server evolution," which is the name Trion Worlds has given to what is essentially a mass server merge...

TERA hands out free character slots head of server merges as players riot over RP server move

As we learned at the end of last month, TERA is about to merge a bunch of its PC servers in an attempt to...

EverQuest II merges one of its last remaining time-locked expansion servers into Antonia Bayle today

Today might be an odd one for some EverQuest II players as the Stormhold server will soon cease to be (if it hasn't already,...
Lineage what, now? Huh?

Lineage 2: Revolution talks about server merges, new servers, and more content coming in May

Server merges happen. You may not want them to happen for a game that you're playing, but they're sometimes just a simple necessity. Of...

Aion Europe prepares for server merges later this month

The merges are coming! The merges are coming! Aion Europe players have under two weeks to prepare for merges designed to "populate Atreia more...

The Soapbox: NCsoft’s bizarre silence on Aion’s server merges says everything you need to know

NCsoft done messed up. Again. Yes, I know the studio has already had a few black eyes for other things throughout the years, but...
It would be difficult to master this again.

ArcheAge goes offline for two days for massive server merges, land rush scheduled for Friday

We warned you about it back in July, and now it's here. ArcheAge is merging (er, "evolving") a dozen of its underpopulated servers down...

ArcheAge server merges will impact 12 realms

Server merges are a nerve-wracking, anxiety-filled experience even on the best of occasions, but when an MMO offers contested territory and open world housing,...

Blade and Soul announces server merges, hypes upcoming patches

Major events are in motion over at Blade and Soul, illuminated by the game's newest producer's letter from Jonathan Lien. While Lien spent a...
Just reboot all along.

Revelation Online server merges are incoming (with a new server launch, too!)

Revelation Online is preparing for server merges next week, but they might not be for the reason you think. The team announced that eight US...

EverQuest II’s PvP progression server is merging with PvE

So much for PvP progression play: If you are on EverQuest II's Deathtoll server, be prepared for a change of address. The PvP server...

Rumor: SWTOR datamining leads to megaserver speculation

According to the Star Wars: The Old Republic player-run datamining site TOR Community, the current "PvE and PvP servers are being replaced with PvE and PvP...

Aion’s European server merges will take place February 3nd

Server merges are a great time to meet new friends, find new enemies, and get intensely annoyed at the fact that the larger population...

WildStar is merging its PvE servers back together today

A few weeks ago, Carbine merged WildStar's post-F2P servers back with their originals. Now it's PvE's turn. The studio announced on Twitter yesterday that the...
Won't this be the opposite of fun.

ArcheAge elaborates on the game’s post-server merge environment

If the land rush at launch of ArcheAge was the least fun you'd had since you started playing the game, you probably don't want...

Here’s ‘everything you need to know’ about ArcheAge server merges

Trion's latest ArcheAge website update purports to tell us everything we need to know about ArcheAge's upcoming server transfers. Now, my first thought was...