server merges

Mad World will condense all of its regional servers into one single server April 25

So hey, how are things going for Mad World? Well, if the OARPG's latest announcement is to be taken at face value, things possibly...

New World’s Season of the Guardian launches April 2, server merges begin next week

The delay is over - or it will be in April, anyway - as Amazon has finally announced a new date for New World's...

Two weeks into early access, Kickstarted survivalbox Fractured Veil patches up and merges servers

While server merges are sometimes necessary and healthy, they're not the best optics when they happen mere weeks after a game's early access release....
Thrones and something, I guess?

Throne & Liberty KR details rank resets and economy updates happening in its January 17 server merging

Players of the Korean version of Throne & Liberty already knew that a server merge was coming this week, but now the game's official...

Runes of Magic merges European servers, activates bonus XP weekend

Whenever I try to visualize a server merge, I picture a studio taking two server blades, smooshing them together, and saying, "Now... KISS!" However...

Aion Classic NA confirms server merges are coming on September 19

The classic chestnut of smooshing two MMORPG servers together in order to bolster the overall population is happening once more, this time to a...

Tower of Fantasy’s July 25 and 26 server merges will condense players into their respective individual regions

Tower of Fantasy has completed server merges plenty of times before, but the shared world RPG's next one is going to be what we...

Tower of Fantasy announces a round of server merges coming on April 17

When Tower of Fantasy was spooling up hype for its upcoming 2.4 update, one of the features that was heralded by developer Hotta Studio...

New World details another round of server merges happening on January 10

At this point it's not really surprising when New World shifts its number of servers up and down - scalable server services is part...

The Daily Grind: When has an MMO server merge actually benefited you?

I have always tended to be skeptical of server merges. Sure, they're sometimes a necessary portion of any game's life cycle, and I would...
Hold up, losing my balance.

The Daily Grind: Do server merges make you worried or happy for an MMO?

All right, let's start with what seems to be a pretty clear statement: The easier it is for people to play together and not...

Runes of Magic offers an FAQ ahead of its upcoming server merges

Server merges! They're fun for the family, assuming that the family in question has some really weird definitions of fun. Also, they're coming to...
Is that you, agony?

Wakfu launches Agony Unchained while outlining server merging plans

The latest update for Wakfu is off the chain. Or at least agony is off the chain, since it's literally titled Agony Unchained, strongly implying...
Find the path.

RIFT to merge European servers and kill open PvP shard

Scooch over and make room, RIFT European players, because you're about to have company. Gamigo announced on Friday that it will be merging several of...

Closers will merge its NA and EU servers into a single world server on January 29

This month, anime-action MMO Closers will be bringing continents together as it merges its NA and EU servers into a single worldwide server in...

ArcheAge’s latest ‘server evolution’ process is underway

Yesterday, ArcheAge began the process of "server evolution," which is the name Trion Worlds has given to what is essentially a mass server merge...

TERA hands out free character slots head of server merges as players riot over RP server move

As we learned at the end of last month, TERA is about to merge a bunch of its PC servers in an attempt to...

EverQuest II merges one of its last remaining time-locked expansion servers into Antonia Bayle today

Today might be an odd one for some EverQuest II players as the Stormhold server will soon cease to be (if it hasn't already,...
Lineage what, now? Huh?

Lineage 2: Revolution talks about server merges, new servers, and more content coming in May

Server merges happen. You may not want them to happen for a game that you're playing, but they're sometimes just a simple necessity. Of...

Aion Europe prepares for server merges later this month

The merges are coming! The merges are coming! Aion Europe players have under two weeks to prepare for merges designed to "populate Atreia more...