Runes of Magic merges European servers, activates bonus XP weekend


Whenever I try to visualize a server merge, I picture a studio taking two server blades, smooshing them together, and saying, “Now… KISS!” However the technical wizardry actually occurs, it brought together four of Runes of Magic’s European shards into sanctioned unions this past week.

The Kerub and Svidur servers were the latest to experience such merges, with Kerub folding into Kadmos and Svidur into Gaia. “The merge is a completely independent Gameforge project,” the company said. “In the meantime, Runewaker will continue working on the game and corresponding updates as usual.”

Gameforge activated a 300% and 300% TP boost from now through Sunday to compensate for the longer-than-normal downtime. This is available on all servers.

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