Wakfu launches Agony Unchained while outlining server merging plans

Is that you, agony?

The latest update for Wakfu is off the chain. Or at least agony is off the chain, since it’s literally titled Agony Unchained, strongly implying that agony had been chained in some fashion beforehand. Masqueraiders, for example, have received extensive reworks that will hopefully make the process of playing them less agonizing. The Mineral Tower has been updated with new floors and no daily access restriction. Rogues got changes. There were lots of shifts, in other words; you can check them all out in the full patch notes.

What is potentially a bit more agonizing would be the upcoming server merger that the game plans to implement prior to the launch of patch 1.7, although an exact date has not yet been set. Players will be on two unified servers after the merge, one for French-speaking players and one for international players, with characters remaining playable no matter what but total character slots being merged into the new servers. Name conflicts will be decided in favor of the oldest and most active character out of any with the same name, so some players will be stuck with the unpleasant sting of renaming. Check out the full rundown for the messy details.

Source: Official Site (1, 2, 3)

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I need to hop back in this game. It isn’t my favorite mmo, but I always enjoy visiting for the art and unique, turn-based combat. It’s one of those titles where I dream about making a max level character, but also no dedication to make it a reality.

Bummer there is a need for mergers, but I also think it makes the game more enjoyable when populations on servers are decent.

Hope this helps the regulars :)