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French company famous for DOFUS and WAKFU.

The MOP Up: Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’s Chinese launch crashes from high demand

Dungeon & Fighter is one of those odd franchises that nobody seems to notice in the west but is incredibly, obscenely, immensely popular in...

Ankama launches DOFUS Touch on mobile as Waven adds new chapters and Wakfu rolls back a server

Ankama's MMOs have been busy this week: To start with, the French company has launched - actually, relaunched - DOFUS Touch on mobile, both...

The MOP Up: Myth of Empires pumps out even more servers

The freshly released Myth of Empires rolled out yet another batch of New Era servers this past weekend with realms in Oceania, Asia, Europe,...
Oddly beautiful.

The MOP Up: Aion, Lineage 2, and Blade and Soul get ready for a new launcher

Blade and Soul, Lineage II, and Aion are all preparing to migrate everyone from the old launcher to the new PLAYNC platform. NCsoft posted...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 454: MMO roadmap roundup

Justin and Bree discuss the 2024 roadmaps for Lord of the Rings Online, Lost Ark, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, EVE Online, Elder Scrolls Online, New World, EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Wayfinder, with adventures in LOTRO, FFXIV, and City of Heroes.

Massively Overthinking: The slowest and fastest combat in MMORPGs

During a recent podcast discussion about City of Heroes' official revival, the MOP writers were talking about its combat, which - let's be honest...

Wakfu and Waven release 2024 roadmaps, including a new expansion for Wakfu

Ankama has dropped dueling roadmaps for its turn-based MMORPG Wakfu and card-based MMO Waven this week. Let's start with Waven, which actually just launched what...

The MOP Up: Wakfu’s server headache

Wakfu said that its Ogrest server stopped working properly for a day, causing all sorts of data management headaches and a two-hour rollback. "At 0:39...

Waven’s third chapter of its Lance Dur season brings a new character, new island, and new narrative

This week is the culmination of the Lance Dur season in Waven, and it's bringing a whole lot of things for players to do...
Hopefully this leads to better things.

Indie Afrofantasy MMO Wagadu Chronicles has opened its early access doors today

"Today is a big day. The Wagadu Chronicles is finally accessible to the world." So begins Twin Drums' announcement that its Afrofantasy MMORPG has...

Waven introduces a new boss fight and refreshed battle pass in second chapter of the Lance Dur season

The Lance Dur season of early access tactical MMO Waven that started last month continues today with Chapter 2: Belladonna, the second portion of...
Do you hear what I hear?

The MOP Up: How about Final Fantasy XI’s new Vana’Bout?

Final Fantasy XI had a busy week with a November patch, that "includes changes to foes in Normal and Intense Ambuscades, a new battlefield...

Wakfu releases HD graphics overhaul, briefly delays single-account server launch

Turn-based isometric sandbox MMORPG Wakfu is in the midst of a bit of a renaissance right now: For starters, Ankama has been working on...

The MOP Up: Coop roguelike Inkbound removes all in-game monetization

It's usually the case that a live service title adds more monetization over time, not less. But with action roguelike coop Inkbound, "less" is...

Waven’s newest season introduces a competitive PvE mode and an updated battle pass

Ankama's early access tactical MMO Waven has started a new season, and much like other games from the studio, this one is having a...

Wakfu opens pre-registration for its single-account Ogrest server opening November 2

"Are you up for a Mount-Zinit-level challenge?" Wakfu asks its players, as the turn-based MMO is opening up a single-account server known as Ogrest...

The MOP Up: It’s the great Albion, Charlie Brown!

Albion Online is getting into the spirit of Halloween with its Harvest Challenge: "Fall has come to the world of Albion... the shadows are...

The MOP Up: Wakfu’s brand-new tutorial island

To go along with a new single-account server, Wakfu is introducing a fresh tutorial that's situated on Rii, the Celestial Island. The team hopes...

Waven confirms its limited mobile ‘soft launch’ and plans for a resource refund feature

As an early access title, Ankama's Waven is bound to go through several different design iterations, but one such iteration that arrived on August...

Ankama’s tactical card-driven MMO Waven unleashes multiple bug fixing patches and its first season pass

It's been about a month since Ankama's newest turn-based MMO Waven started its free-to-play early access, and developer Ankama has been absolutely abuzz with...