Waven confirms its limited mobile ‘soft launch’ and plans for a resource refund feature


As an early access title, Ankama’s Waven is bound to go through several different design iterations, but one such iteration that arrived on August 31st that brought back previously removed items proved to be enough of a jarring update that the studio is introducing a resource refund feature in response to player complaints about gear changes.

This functionality, which is headed for an undetermined future release, will automatically and non-retroactively return invested resources in certain situations, primarily for reworks or removals of items, abilities, passive upgrades, and spells.

“Your reaction to the reintroduction of the previously disabled rings and armbands – proof of your attachment to the game, your characters, and their equipment – came as a bit of a shock,” Ankama writes. “In all honesty, we hadn’t considered a resource refund feature to be a priority, given the early-access nature of this version of the game. So, we decided to prioritize other features that were more enticing and important – fundamental, even. We’re dealing the cards again.”

In other Waven news, Ankama discussed the unannounced “soft launch” of Waven’s mobile version, noting that this is being done as part of smaller and more targeted audience testing. The studio also acknowledges that fans have found ways to circumvent regional testing restrictions, but Ankama urges players to be vigilant, as it cannot verify third-party file integrity or guarantee the account security of impatient players. “[W]e strongly recommend you wait for the game and its mobile app for your territory to be fully released – in just a few months, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a complete gaming experience, wherever you are, on the platform of your choice,” the post promises.

source: official forums (1, 2, 3)
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