Genshin Impact’s third anniversary event will be like the previous anniversary events players didn’t like

I don't speak mandarin.

Apparently, the leadership at miHoYo looked at the anniversary of Overwatch 2 being disappointing, heard someone say, “Nobody can do worse than that,” and responded with, “Hold my beer.” Except they probably said it in Mandarin. The point is that Genshin Impact has its third anniversary coming up, and in order to celebrate, the developers are… re-running events that people didn’t like when they were the anniversary event for the first and second anniversaries. Third time’s the charm?

Of course, this being Genshin Impact, it seems clear the developers are hoping people will forgive and forget an underwhelming event by seeing previews of which hasubandos or waifus are available in the next banner… and since it’s the former with previews of Wriothesley and Neuvillette, the general player response has been begrudging mollification. Whatever gets you through the anniversary, in other words. In summary, Genshin Impact is a land of contrasts, if “contrasts” means “an event you don’t like propping up a gacha you do.” Which isn’t really a contrast at all.

Source: Reddit via VG24/7
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