Co-op multiplayer heist-’em-up FPS Payday 3 releases today


The digital streets of New York City are facing a special kind of crime wave as the heisting supercriminals of the Payday Gang are coming out of retirement. Today marks the official launch of Payday 3, an online multiplayer co-op FPS that looks to hit familiar fun beats for fans of the wildly popular series.

The shooter casts players as members of this infamous heisting group, letting up to four players band together in cross-platform multiplayer to take on a variety of high-octane robbery jobs. Developer Starbreeze Studios heralds the freeform nature of how to take on these heists, whether through stealth or sheer violence, along with split-second decisions players have to make that can change how missions play out, whether it’s freeing or keeping hostages or deciding on much loot to nab.

Progression appears similar to the previous shooter, with additional skills to unlock, cosmetics to earn, and proficiency with weapons to gain, while monetization is also similar, with a year’s worth of DLC planned for release in the form of heists, cosmetics, and weapons available for individual purchase or in one of two season passes. Starbreeze has also confirmed that Denuvo anti-cheat has been removed and that pre-order handouts for PS5 owners have run into a delay; players on the platform should expect their in-game items by October 5th.

Speaking of platforms, Payday 3 is playable on PC via Windows, Steam, and EGS, as well as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. It’s also available for free for Game Pass subscribers.

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