This year’s World of Warcraft Brewfest event includes new quests in the Dragon Isles


On the very brink of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere, MMORPGs are breaking out the pumpkin spice… and the Oktoberfest brews. So it is with World of Warcraft, which officially kicked off its long-running Brewfest celebration last night.

“Do you love eating delicious food, drinking bountiful beverages, and riding rams around barrels of apples?” Blizzard asks. (You do.) “Brewfest has arrived, and you can do all that and more from September 20–October 6.” Notably, there’s actually some new post-Dragonflight content in this year’s version of the event as players trick our their dragons.

“Brewfest comes to Dragonflight! Strike up a conversation with the Holiday Enthusiast in Valdrakken to begin the brewfestivities. In addition to enjoying the usual fun in Ironforge and Orgimmar, new Brewfest quests can be completed throughout the Dragon Isles, including one that will have you showcasing your skills in Dragonriding. And what’s Brewfest without some stout rewards? New items can be found on the vendor—the Orange Brewfest Bulwark shield customization, and get a safe ride home with the Brew Barrel toy.”

There’s also a Brewfest Armor saddle for renewed proto-drakes, just note that you probably won’t get one, as it’s a rare drop from Coren Direbrew, whom you can best only once per day.

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