Miracle-Gro asks gamers to film gardening in games from Stardew Valley to Minecraft


This is such a weird crosspromo that I literally dropped what I was doing to write it up because I know this is gonna be a contender for the Golden Yachties at the end of the year: A whole bunch of farming games are the subject of a promotional content/event with Micracle-Gro, which is basically a popular gardening brand vending things like potting soil and fertilizer here in the US as well as in the UK. The associated contest is being run by Jace Hall’s ThecePlay/Twin Galaxies outfit and asks gamers to film themselves growing crops in video games.

“Show us your green thumb in this Miracle-Gro Organic Challenge!” the promo commands. “Create a virtual organic garden within any of the games that allow farming listed below. Take a video of yourself while creating your garden, walk us through your garden design and share your video. The video should be 2 minutes or more. Submission videos must include these three (3) elements: 1) Have a virtual garden (Create or use your existing garden), 2) Use the game fertilizer on your virtual garden, [and] 3) Your video must show you using fertilizer and also show at least 1 minute of your garden’s growing process.”

The games include multiple farming-related cozy and sandbox titles our readers will recognize, including Stardew Valley, Minecraft, The Sims 4, and Farm Together. So the promo does make some logical sense compared to things like gaming candles, we suppose.

Prizes include… well, a bag of Miracle-gro. What else? Submissions are due May 26th, so you’ve got some time to get gardening.

Source: ThecePlay
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