Enter to win a Nightmare of Neverwinter pack for PC courtesy of PWE and MOP!

Now that Neverwinter's latest module, Dragonbone Vale, is live on PC, PWE has kindly granted Massively OP some fun goodies for our readers to...

SoulWorker outlines Lunar New Year goodies, login rewards, and contests for January

There will be events aplenty in SoulWorker in the month of January, just as there is every month of the MMO, and just like...
Throw hands.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV and the problem with the Matsuda NFT letter

What I really wanted to kick the year off right in the Wisdom of Nym column was to have to push my plans back...

Into the Super-verse: A look back at superhero MMOs in 2021

Superhero fans were not lacking in news, games, and events this past year, and there's always the promise of much more to come in...

Massively Overthinking: Our MMO predictions for 2022

OK folks, it's that time of the year again: the time when we cast our eyes ahead and try to pinpoint what's going to...

Black Desert posts small pre-class rebalance update, opens music competition

Black Desert's in between two major December happenings: the major reveals of Calpheon Ball last weekend and the class reboots on PC next week....

Fortnite’s Winterfest 2021 brings player-made maps and a Spider-Man crossover

The time to celebrate Wintefest in Fortnite is back once again, and this year's event continues to lean in on this game's massive melting...

Star Wars The Old Republic kicks off its tenth anniversary and adds several other events in latest patch

Just yesterday we noted that the month of December was going to be full of events for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and sure...

Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday is set to begin next week

If you're feeling a bit sad because the last End of Dragons beta is now behind you, don't fret because Wintersday is queued up...

Whatever happened to wizarding survival sandbox Citadel Forged with Fire?

Since we're in the habit of flipping through the MMO and multiplayer game backlog, we've decided to look back in the direction of Citadel:...

SoulWorker marks Black Friday with a limited-time raid, screenshot contest, and various item sales

We've been following along with Black Friday sales going on in MMO land, but the anime MMO SoulWorker is using Black Friday as a...
But robots.

The Daily Grind: Is there an MMO endgame that isn’t toxic?

I think it's commonly accepted in the MMORPG community that PvP breeds toxicity. But what I seldom see argued is that PvE can breed...

Nexon recaps Maplestory Fest ‘At Home’ 2021

The legion of MapleStory fans couldn't get together in person this year for a huge fanfest -- but they didn't let that stop them...

Massively on the Go: Happy Home Paradise is the cherry on top of Animal Crossing New Horizons’ final update

I won't lie, the past week has been pretty fun for me. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' final update added so much to the game. Old...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker’s PvP, gathering, and housing changes

All right. We've moved on from the Endwalker delay at this point. Let's talk about how much the Feast sucked. Final Fantasy XIV's live letter did...

Black Desert PC gives players a manor to rent, Black Desert Mobile holds a contest for the Sage class’ arrival

"Yo, MTV, welcome to Serendia. This is my crib," is something players of Black Desert on PC could possibly say with this week's patch,...

Champions Online’s official costume contest invites players to bring their best squad look

Having an iconic singular look in Champions Online is pretty good, but if you've got several friends that dress up in a squad look...

Guild Wars 2 hosts community-led Halloween and cancer fundraising events

While there are certainly events that happen in Guild Wars 2 in an official capacity, there's also no shortage of events spearheaded by the...

Dauntless’ Dark Harvest Halloween event brings cosmetics, contests, and a souped-up Shrowd

The Unseen are at it again in the world of Dauntless as the game's Halloween-themed Dark Harvest event is back for another year. Just...

Trove’s Shadow’s Eve Halloween event returns with new cosmetics, styles, and decorations

The spooktastic season has arrived to the voxel world of Trove as the game's Shadow's Eve event has kicked off for 2021. Players can...