Lost Ark debuts new video series, talks upcoming Thaemine hard mode and clear race


Amazon is clearly taking a new tack with comms on its MMORPGs, as New World’s new video series Eye on Aeternum has now been followed with the new series Eye on Arkesia for Lost Ark.

Lost Ark community manager Roxx recaps the contests and upcoming events for the game before reminding players that Thaemine hard and normal mode are en route on April 17th.

“This eight-player legion raid will be the most challenging yet, and it will require item level 1610 for normal mode and item level 1630 for hard mode,” she says. “The raid will have three gates to face in normal and four to challenge you in hard. Rewards earned from clearing Thaemine will also be usable in the new transcendence system, which will help you unlock all-new power for your gear.” That’ll be followed on April 20th by the Thaemine the First Race – essentially a PvE race to clear the raid.

Finally, Roxx teases the “next installment” of the roadmap coming “at the end of the month.”

Source: YouTube
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