Publisher known in the west primarily for Skysaga and Lost Ark.

Lost Ark KR announces the new Aeromancer class and a collab with The Witcher 3

One usually doesn't equate paper parasols with deadly weaponry, but the Korean version of Lost Ark is going to change that line of thinking...

Lost Ark explains the June patch’s delay, removes P2W statted cosmetics from update

Though Amazon has delayed Lost Ark's summer patch - to the very last day of June - that hasn't put a damper on the...

Lost Ark delays June update to June 30 as anti-botting efforts continue

A bit of bad news for Lost Ark players hit Amazon's official forums last night: The studio is delaying the June update - but...

300K players got hit by Lost Ark’s promised ‘massive’ ban wave

Players of Lost Ark can't say that they weren't warned: Last week, Amazon Games announced that a "massive" ban wave was coming, and sure...
Yes, you're cute, but I don't care.

Lost Ark accidentally puts a cash shop bundle on sale – then promptly removes it

Evidently, there was a bundle on sale in the cash shop of Lost Ark that was never meant to be. The so-called Punika Growth...

Lost Ark readies for for a ‘massive’ banning of the bots

The battle of the bots - or more specifically, against the bots - continues in Lost Ark. Amazon told players last night to expect...

Tamriel Infinium: Big-name voice actors you didn’t know were in Elder Scrolls Online

When Elder Scrolls Online players dived into the High Isle expansion this past week, among the many new delights was the addition of Billy...

ArcheAge announces Great Prairie of the West update for June 23

Kakao dropped a big preview for ArcheAge today, homing in on the game's impending Great Prairie of the West update that will constitute its...
Why do we even have that lever?

Lost Ark’s summer roadmap includes one new advanced class every two months

It's weird to consider that Lost Ark only launched less than four months ago, which feels like a lifetime somehow. Yet the team at...

Lost Ark is fixing the bug that makes you look at loading screens foreverrrrr

Look, Lost Ark, your loading screens are very pretty, but nobody came to play your loading screens. Unfortunately, a new bug in the game...

Amazon hotfixes Lost Ark’s Destined for Destruction, offers downtime compensation

If you've been enjoying Lost Ark's newest update, good for you! If your experience has been sullied by the fact that you can't type...

Lost Ark’s Destined for Destruction drops the Destroyer and Deskaluda

Happy patch day, Lost Ark players: Smilegate and Amazon have rolled out the May Destined for Destruction update after a bit of a snag...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 373: Bots are bad, ‘mkay?

Just and Bree discuss Lost Ark's bots, FFXIV's mods, Star Trek Online's Stormfall, Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle, and Wrath Classic beta, with adventures in LOTRO and City of Heroes, plus a mailbag topic on Black Desert's perceived decline.

The Lost Ark Destroyer’s weapon isn’t a warhammer – it’s a minivan on a stick

If you're angling to Hulk out to Beethoven's 5th in Lost Ark, look no further than the game's new Destroyer advanced class for the...

The Stream Team: Finding out the fate of the feral turtle boy in Lost Ark

When MOP's Chris last streamed Lost Ark, he wandered into an island that was home to a helpful turtle who raised a young boy...

Lost Ark admits it’s been ‘fighting a war against bots’ since launch, banning millions of accounts

Have you spotted a bot or two in Lost Ark over the past few months? If so, you're definitely not alone. Amazon admitted on...

Lost Ark KR’s director is reportedly stepping down because of health concerns

According to myriad unofficial reports from fans across Lost Ark's official forums and subreddit, the director for the Korean version of the game, Keum...

Lost Ark previews May’s upcoming new raids, quests, and Destroyer advanced class

We're just entering the month of May and that means that Lost Ark players are going to have some new content to face, most...

Massively Overthinking: The minimum requirements for MMO player housing

We've got housing on the brain lately, thanks to Ship of Heroes' housing beta, Final Fantasy XIV's botched housing lottos, Warframe's new housing, and...

Lost Ark times its May content update for third week of the month, details a bug-fixing patch today

Launching your May update near the latter part of the month still technically counts as a launch in May, and that's just what Lost...