Publisher known in the west primarily for Skysaga and Lost Ark.

Perfect Ten: MMOs that earned a notorious reputation

Nobody wants a bad reputation. I mean, you can't make everyone everywhere approve of you, but you also don't have to go out of...

Lost Ark debuts new video series, talks upcoming Thaemine hard mode and clear race

Amazon is clearly taking a new tack with comms on its MMORPGs, as New World's new video series Eye on Aeternum has now been...

LOTRO Legendarium: Middle-earth’s world integrity is an endangered species in MMOs

Back in 2018, Steven Spielberg adapted the popular novel Ready Player One into a film. It seemed like a great pairing: The master director...

MMO Business Roundup: The Gearbox sale, GDC 2024, and layoffs for SEGA and Smilegate

Welcome back to another quick roundup of some MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news! Embracer - The ailing games giant announced this morning that the rumored...

Smilegate surveils the astrological features of Lost Ark’s in-game lore

OK, listen. Astronomy is real. Astrology is not real. Video game astrology is... also not real, but at least it's harmless and no sillier...

Lost Ark’s Breaker and fresh catch-up mechanics arrive in tomorrow’s Break Through to Thaemine

"Break Through to Thaemine" may not exactly roll off the tongue, but it's rolling out to Lost Ark's live servers tomorrow anyway. And headlining...

Some Lost Ark servers were down nearly two days for merge issues, but everything’s back up now

It's finally over, at least until the next round of merges this summer: Lost Ark is now fully back online after nearly two days...

Lost Ark previews the Breaker coming March 20 as US West merge downtime continues

If you happen to be on one of the merging servers in Lost Ark's US West region, you probably have a bit of time...
Later, losers.

Lost Ark wants your feedback on why you quit – and how bad the bots are

Lost Ark is in a weird position right now: It's in the middle of merges with more on the way, a plague of unrelenting...

Lost Ark is merging a total of 57 unique servers over the next two maintenance periods

The fact that Lost Ark is about to get some major server merges is no great revelation - and that's because Amazon and Smilegate...

Not So Massively: Last Epoch is a potential gem in dire need of polishing

Originally Kickstarted in 2018, Last Epoch has been in early access on Steam for about five years, but the developers at Eleventh Hour Games...
Oddly beautiful.

The MOP Up: Aion, Lineage 2, and Blade and Soul get ready for a new launcher

Blade and Soul, Lineage II, and Aion are all preparing to migrate everyone from the old launcher to the new PLAYNC platform. NCsoft posted...

Lost Ark warns cheaters following ‘major ban wave’ of bots and RMT accounts

Last week was apparently a bad time to be a botting or RMT account in Lost Ark, as Amazon Games whipped out its banhammer...

Massively Overthinking: The last great year of the MMO genre

I was randomly reading an article about shitposting when I came across a phrase that haunts me. The author referred to 2015 as "what...

Lost Ark is merging all of its NA and SA servers into ‘one enormous region’ this summer

Smilegate and Amazon apparently have more up their collective sleeve for Lost Ark's second birthday than events and freebies: Last night, Smilegate released a...

Lost Ark celebrates its second birthday by reminding you how many times it’s killed your characters

Lost Ark fans are already swept up in the game's second anniversary festivities thanks to the patch yesterday, but technically, the formal western birthday...

Happy second birthday to Lost Ark, whose ‘2 Extreme’ update arrived this morning

I half expected to be able to make a "too extreme to launch on time" joke for today's Lost Ark patch, but actually Amazon...

Lost Ark discusses designing the lore, sound, and systems of the Voldis region

The month of December was all about Voldis for Lost Ark players, as the new continent and its various features dropped on fans of...

Lost Ark’s second anniversary-themed ‘2 Extreme’ update is, obviously, too extreme for you

It seems wild to me that Lost Ark is already nearing two years old, especially knowing that was only the western launch - it's...

The MOP Up: DDO’s Snowpeaks Festival returns

Just because winter is in full swing doesn't mean it has to be dour! Dungeons and Dragons Online is keeping things lively with the...