Lost Ark’s big region merge of South America into North America East has begun


As promised, Amazon has begun the Great Mergening in Lost Ark with today’s maintenance release. OK, nobody’s really calling it that, but we should. Essentially, what’s happening today is that the entire South America region is being folded into North America East, one big happy family. Oh, except for the fact that the NA East region gets to keep its names and whatnot; it’s really the SA players giving up names if they conflict, as they’re the ones moving. Nobody said it was fair, unfortunately.

Downtime was expected to run as long as 12 hours today for those two regions, which means hopefully they’ll be back up by 3 p.m. EDT this afternoon. That doesn’t count the EU servers or NA West servers, mind you; they should be back up before this article goes live. Oh, and NA West friendos, you’re still due some merging of your own at some point, though Amazon has postponed it well beyond this summer, until it’s finished “identifying an optimal outcome” in regard to “customer experience.”

For their trouble, NA East and South America players are being treated to a pile of compensation gifts when the servers return.

Source: Discord
Amazon has extended the maintenance:

“The downtime for North America East and South America will be extended an additional 6 hours as the team finalizes configuration of the region merge and works through server testing. The downtime is now slated to end at 8pm PT / 3am UTC / 5am CEST, and we will provide additional updates as information comes in.”

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