Lost Ark outlines plan for merging South American region into US East


Amazon has been talking up a big global merge for Lost Ark for the last few weeks, and now, we’re finally getting some hard details.

Unlike the big merge of 57 servers back in March, this merge is focused on combining regions together, all with the end goal of improving parity between the Korean game and the rest of the world. Originally, the plan was to merge all North and South American servers into one big region. But earlier this month, the company told players that it would be leaving the US West servers out for the time being, merging only South America and US East on June 5th as devs continue to seek another solution for US West that doesn’t hamper the “customer experience” with lag and latency issues.

Now, Amazon has penned a dev blog outlining the plan for the merge that will go forward. “On June 5, we will conduct a region merge to fold South America into North America (NA) East,” the studio explains. “The Vairgrys world will be integrated into NA East. No servers (and therefore rosters) are being merged into each other. Policies that merge or sum item counts will only apply to players with an account in both server regions[.]”

The merge does mean that the Thaemine The First leaderboard race will come to and end. Players in the affected regions are going to need to comb through the whole piece to understand the complete details of how their accounts will be affected; for example, auction listings will be canceled, some auction data will be deleted, SA players and guilds with conflicting names will get a rename chance, SA chat history will be deleted, and items like tickets and cash-shop inventories will be merged.

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