Lost Ark disqualified and punished Thaemine The First race cheaters


File this one under “this is why we can’t have nice things”: Apparently, some Lost Ark players thought they’d faff around with cheating the game’s current race-to-first, and now they’re finding out.

The issue revolves around the Thaemine The First leaderboard; the event essentially pits player groups against each other in a race to clear the hardest difficulty of the Thaemine Legion raid. It kicked off on April 20th, a few days after the April update. But now Amazon says that some of the participants cheated and are being disqualified.

“As our team has worked to vet players who have cleared Thaemine the First, we have identified a number of participants who have violated our terms and conditions,” the studio says. “These accounts will be actioned against with appropriate penalties, and these team clears will not appear on the leaderboards. Players who were on these teams but have accounts in good standing are welcome to regroup to attempt the race again. Thank you for your understanding.” Gottem.

Source: Discord
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