Lost Ark’s Darkness Unleashed is live with the Thaemine Legion Raid and gear transcendence


Amazon has successfully patched Lost Ark’s April update as of this morning: Dubbed Darkness Unleashed, this is the patch with the Thaemine Legion Raid, which the studio has been previewing for weeks now. Thaemine is supposed to be the game’s hardest raid ever, pitting eight players against the Dark Baratron.

“Despite the efforts of adventurers to fend off demons in Luterra, the allied forces failed to stop Thaemine from summoning his fortress, the Dark Baratron,” Amazon says. “Thaemine created this area under red moon, and disappeared into the Dark Baratron. Seated on the Throne of Despair, he is observing and preparing as the Dark Baratron begins to impact Arkesia. Under the influence of the Dark Baratron that unravels order and disperses darkness, Luterra is being reshaped, beginning to resemble the chaos of Petrania. Track Thaemine to Dark Baratron and face him as the war between Light and Darkness wages in an 8-player Legion Raid.”

Raiders can expect new cheevos and rewards in exchange for their participation; there’s also the Thaemine the First race to challenge teams trying to rush the content. As for everyone else, the patch also includes the new gear transcendence system, which is one of the more creative gear upgrade systems we’ve seen; players will poke their way through the ruins-themed transcendence minigame to elevate their loot.

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