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War Thunder player goes undercover and busts cheating source code and scripts

So we all know of War Thunder as a game where military secrets are leaked to win forum arguments, which means that it's reasonable...

ARK Survival Ascended’s PlayStation launch has been undelayed to November 30

Studio Wildcard is about to make some PlayStation fans very happy: It's undelaying the delay of of ARK Survival Ascended's PlayStation launch. Readers will recall...

Wakfu releases HD graphics overhaul, briefly delays single-account server launch

Turn-based isometric sandbox MMORPG Wakfu is in the midst of a bit of a renaissance right now: For starters, Ankama has been working on...

Albion Online, under DDOS attack yet again, promises compensation and renewed defense

Albion Online has been stuggling with DDOS attacks since last week, and though the studio had initially weathered the waves, it's ongoing again this...
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The Daily Grind: Have you ever been tempted to cheat in an MMO?

Look, I'm not asking if any of you have cheated. Everyone whose opinion counts here is too much of a decent person to actually...

Destiny 2 rips $12M out of yet another maker of cheating software in latest lawsuit win

The legal team of Destiny 2 is once again marking a notch in the win column, as a 2021 lawsuit against the creator of...

Bungie warns Destiny 2 players that it will be watching for cheating via the use of accessibility aides

Third-party peripherals and programs that are intended to make a game more accessible for certain players are a wonderful thing, but as usual, there...

Ubisoft swings the banhammer at nearly 19,000 accounts for using an unspecified ‘fraudulent exploit’

We can all generally agree that using an exploit in an online multiplayer game is just asking for trouble at best and is the...

Destiny 2’s Bungie is awarded $4.3M in arbitration against aimbot maker

It's a very good day for Bungie and a not-so-great day for AimJunkies, the maker of a popular Destiny 2 cheat software. Games Industry...
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Final Fantasy XIV director expresses frustration and confusion as another world first clear is won via addon use

It would appear that Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida has McFreaking had it with addons being used in order for raid...
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Blizzard shuts down a major Overwatch 2 cheat software provider

You have to be a special, artisanal, distinct kind of lamesauce to buy software to cheat in a shooter game, but that is regrettably...

DC Universe Online players take advantage of a 1 credit cash shop oops – and end up facing suspensions

Earlier this week, players of DC Universe Online were granted an update that brought back the Witching Hour event, alongside Daybreak's fall sale with...

Ultima Online dev reminisces on chasing cheaters and combusting castles

If you're a longtime Ultima Online player, you surely know the name Tim "Draconi" Cotten, even if only from seeing his name on holiday...

300K players got hit by Lost Ark’s promised ‘massive’ ban wave

Players of Lost Ark can't say that they weren't warned: Last week, Amazon Games announced that a "massive" ban wave was coming, and sure...

Lost Ark admits it’s been ‘fighting a war against bots’ since launch, banning millions of accounts

Have you spotted a bot or two in Lost Ark over the past few months? If so, you're definitely not alone. Amazon admitted on...

New World’s latest problem appears to be… scores of fishing bots

Huh, something's fishy around New World. Looks like some bad players are angling for an edge by employing bots because they'd flounder otherwise. But...

Riot Games on video game anti-cheat measures: ‘It’s a continual arms race’

Remember last year when folks lost their minds over Valorant's kernel-level anti-cheat? Well, it's here to stay, and moving forward it might be a...
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Guild Wars 2’s PvP community is aflame over win-trading [Update: ANet banned 83 perps]

This past week, the Guild Wars 2 PvP community (don't laugh, there is one, as you know since you read our own Fight or...
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Bless Unleashed PC says it’s cracking down on cheaters and RMT

Bless Unleashed's PC updates just keep coming - both the content kind and the administrative kind. First, Round8 has addressed the "large amount of reports...

MMO Business Roundup: Chicken Drumstick, 9000 zombies, Valorant Mobile, Pantheon hiring, Secret World’s novels

Welcome back to our semi-regular roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent gaming industry news. Chicken Drumstick: Yes, I'm afraid this is a real thing. Vice's Motherboard...