New World’s latest problem appears to be… scores of fishing bots


Huh, something’s fishy around New World. Looks like some bad players are angling for an edge by employing bots because they’d flounder otherwise. But who are they squidding? They’re going to get caught, hook, line, and sinker. Maybe they need to go back to surfing the net instead of ruining this game for the sheer halibut.

OK, I got that out of my system, so here’s the plain truth of it. New World, a title that’s not been without a lot of frustrating issues since its launch, now has another one to worry about: a plague of fishing bots.

“Ha ha!” you say, thinking that it’s just fishing and who cares. But waves after waves of unstoppable bots crowding the shores are making it virtually impossible for players to get much-needed materials unless they buy from said bots.

PC Gamer quoted the testimony of one player who said, “There is a fishing bot on my server that sits in the same spot at least 18 hours a day. [It] has single-handedly destroyed the price of multiple items, ruined fishing on the server, has received hundreds of reports, and still isn’t banned.”

Fishing may be super-noticeable, as the lakeshores offer a clear view of the offenders, but resource botting is going on in other sectors as well. In a game that doesn’t feature shared nodes, this presents a major problem to players trying to advance legitimately. That’s also not to mention how this automated influx of materials into the auction house is screwing up the economy.

Source: IGN, PC Gamer
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