ARK Survival Ascended’s PlayStation launch has been undelayed to November 30

As Windows players are temporarily blocked from PvP crossplay


Studio Wildcard is about to make some PlayStation fans very happy: It’s undelaying the delay of of ARK Survival Ascended’s PlayStation launch.

Readers will recall that just before Thanksgiving, the company admitted that Sony’s certification requirements had delayed the rollout into December, well past the Xbox version’s launch. But last night, Wildcard told players it is “thrilled to announce that the launch date has been set for this Thursday, November 30th” – that’s tomorrow at noon EST.

The team also says that the official servers won’t be brought online until several hours after that, however, to allow players to download it. And PlayStation release won’t include fixes for join failures already fixed on PC and Xbox, though it’ll come later. Wildcard also delayed the Turkey Trial event to next week on Sony’s platform.

In less fun news, the company also announced that it’s temporarily disabling Windows clients from crossplay PvP servers until proper anticheat is deployed “for the health of the game.” Wildcard is hoping to have Windows players back in the fight “early next week.”

Source: Twitter
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