World of Warcraft’s Classic servers are removing Honor decay altogether with the next weekly maintenance


The classic World of Warcraft PvP system involved a whole lot of grinding for ranks, then continuing to grind forever to make sure that you didn’t have your rank decay too low to continue using the gear you had ground for. It wasn’t the best it could be! This is why WoW Classic massively revamped the system recently and removed several elements, including losing ranks based on honor decay, which raised the question of why honor decay was still in there at all… and that means honor decay is being removed altogether with the next weekly maintenance cycle on December 5th for WoW Classic’s vanilla servers and Season of Discovery.

It will still be possible to lose Honor by earning Dishonorable Kills, of course, so players can still lose ranks along the way, but players will no longer need to grind a minimum Honor amount each week in order to maintain their positions. Good news for everyone who just wants to reach a ranking threshold and feel comfortable in having done the grind, bad news for everyone who prefers watching people get demoted for not grinding more forever.

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