War Thunder player goes undercover and busts cheating source code and scripts

Cool, cool cool cool.

So we all know of War Thunder as a game where military secrets are leaked to win forum arguments, which means that it’s reasonable to be baffled about some of the people who play the game. But it turns out that players of the game are also remarkably good at engaging in cloak-and-dagger operations to gather intelligence, as demonstrated by a player going undercover to suss out the source code used for cheats and scripts within the game.

The player in question sent all the information to Gaijin Entertainment resulting in widespread bans and fixes, thus proving that the undercover operation was a complete success and prompting many calls on Reddit for the undercover investigator to get some sort of reward. So it’s not just accidental intelligence leaks going on in the game’s community; there is also actual intelligence gathering going on at times. The world is insane.

Source: Reddit; thanks to GreaterDivinity for the tip!
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