warm fuzzies

Gamers can be amazing when they try. Not everyone in MMOs is just another edgelord. “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Also check out Massively Uplifting for more feel-good stories from our genre!

Star Citizen’s player-run Daymar Rally wraps up, CIG preps Squadron 42 monthly report and returning videos

The Star Citizen community went racing at the end of last week with its 2023 edition of the Daymar Rally, a player-run rally racing...

Evony’s community mourns the death of a beloved player after begging police to investigate

Evony has a bit of a reputation in the broader MMORPG community as being a bit of a lark thanks to a now-ancient and...

Final Fantasy XIV is among the games showcased at Awesome Games Done Quick charity speedrunning marathon

Generally speaking, the only conceivable way someone could speedrun an MMORPG would be to get to the level cap in the fastest way possible,...
Oh, good, you're finally awake.

Halo Infinite gets Skyrim’s Whiterun as a player-created map

Hey, you. You're finally awake. We thought we'd lost you in a horrible nightmare; you just kept rolling over and mumbling how Skyrim is...

Microsoft’s ZeniMax QA just formed the largest games industry union in the country

Just before the holiday break, workers at Microsoft's ZeniMax Media - including Elder Scrolls Online's ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda itself - announced their...

Happy New Year to all the uplifting things in MMOs, 2022 edition

It's our tradition to bundle all the reasons we can't have nice things - all the worst things that happened to the MMORPG genre over...

Blizzard-owned studio Proletariat announces plans to form a union

Workers at a third studio owned by Activision-Blizzard are planning to organize: Proletariat, which readers may recall was the studio behind battle royale game...

Massively Uplifting: A season of gains and losses in the MMO world

Where has the year gone? Fall has wrapped up, winter is beginning, and the end of the year draws nigh. Today, many will be...

See how Lord of the Rings Online’s map expanded over 15 years

How big does an MMORPG grow when you put 15 years of continual development into it? You can see for yourself, as a Lord...

Pirate101 and Wizard101 highlight a charity speedrunning event for the holidays

While the newsletters coming out of both Wizard101 and Pirate101 might be kind of thin in terms of new content is concerned, they both...
All your base, etc.

Fan creates an elaborate mod for building bases in No Man’s Sky

Building a base in No Man's Sky is important. It's inspiring. It's a moment of self-identification. It is complicated, too, because there are a...

Hundreds of QA workers at ZeniMax – including Elder Scrolls Online’s ZOS – are preparing to unionize

File this one under reasons we can have nice things: QA workers at ZeniMax have announced they aim to unionize under the Communication Workers...

Lord of the Rings Online’s community goes bonkers for a boulder nicknamed Dwayne Johnson

One would think that the arrival of a small Lord of the Rings Online expansion (or huge content update, take your pick) this past...

Ashes of Creation condenses the antics from its 24-hour Extra Life charity livestream in a video

Earlier this month, the developers of Ashes of Creation took 24 hours out of their day to come together and host a charity livestream...

DC Universe Online devs and fans honor the passing of Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy

Yesterday the world lost one of the greats of acting in gaming, comics media, and entertainment in general when Kevin Conroy passed away at...

EverQuest’s returning Raid Raid Raid event tasks players with slaying giants and dragons all month

What do players of EverQuest do when their world is under threat by legions of giants and dragons? They Raid, Raid, Raid! The annual...

Bungie will donate sales of its Destiny 2 pride pin to benefit a transgender charity all month

Bungie has declared the month of November the time to raise awareness of transgender issues and equality. The Destiny 2 developer is forwarding all...

Guild Wars 2 players raise over $100K for Extra Life and unlock all collection hints in the process

Yesterday saw ArenaNet kick off its 24-hour Guild Wars 2 charity stream and it has already been quite a success. At the time of...

Guild Wars 2 is about to kick off its Extra Life charity stream – and the patch with April!

Multiple MMO studios are preparing for a big weekend of raising charity funds for Extra Life today, but our eyes are on Guild Wars...

Black Desert is canceling its Halloween events and sales following Itaewon tragedy

Unless you skip international news on the weekends, you likely read about the devastating tragedy in the Itaewon neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea, as...