warm fuzzies

Gamers can be amazing when they try. Not everyone in MMOs is just another edgelord. “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Also check out Massively Uplifting for more feel-good stories from our genre!

This is how we fall.

City of Heroes fans have (mostly) restored the game’s original 2012 forums

Looking for a forum-based blast from the past out of City of Heroes? Maybe you want to re-read some of the story threads, look...

A YouTuber is archiving every single portion of The Secret World

If you're the sort who has problems sticking it out through the combat model weirdness of The Secret World in spite of the outstanding...
Parses were still a thing, even then.

Check out these amazing World of Warcraft tableaus made for tabletop Dungeons & Dragons

If you've ever run a tabletop game inspired by World of Warcraft, you probably relied a fair bit on the fact that most of...

Bethesda and id software turn on old official servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Back in the day, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was a team-based FPS that a lot of people really enjoyed playing. Some people enjoyed it so...

Red Dead Online has an in-game equestrian group that’s over 1,600 players strong

Most of the time riding a horse in Red Dead Online will result in getting where you need to go at best and finding...

Star Stable launches new charity initiative to counter negative ‘horse girl’ stereotypes

A few weeks back I joked on the MOP podcast that I'm a secret horse girl, and it's true in real life and in...

Elite Dangerous players rediscover a unique gas giant that has been missing for seven years

How do you miss a planet? Pretty easily, to be fair, especially when the original discoverer didn't wite down how it was found. This...

EVE Echoes launches a Project Discovery science initiative, EVE Online preps for next Alliance Tournament

Regular players of EVE Online are likely very familiar with the game's Project Discovery "citizen science" initiatives that let players help out scientific research,...
Is land.

Final Fantasy XIV plans a week of special farm streams in anticipation of Island Sanctuaries arriving soon

Eager to jump into the peaceful farm life in Final Fantasy XIV when the Island Sanctuary arrives on August 23rd? Well, the team has...

New World shares a lore post as players raise $2300 for St. Jude’s in a player-run fishing tournament

New World has a story to tell its players. A story about two enterprising pirates seeking the Heart of the Ocean - a jewel...
Now we learn.

Final Fantasy XIV player develops a functional book controller for playing Scholar

Have you found yourself playing Scholar in Final Fantasy XIV and thought to yourself that it just doesn't feel immersive enough when you're casting...

Path of Exile studio took on hosting duties for the player-run wiki

About one year ago, a group of Path of Exile players had a dream to make a definitive player-run wiki to compile all the...
You really shouldn't have.

Warcraft Adventures fan remaster project reaches completion after six years

Back in the long long ago, there was a Blizzard project titled Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, a point-and-click adventure game that explained...

Massively Uplifting: WoW players break barriers, Bungie and ZeniMax raise money to help children

Summer sweetness is not just for corn and watermelon! No, it's for all the kind and generous gestures of of our fellow gamers and...

Meridian 59 developer reveals secret ‘Easter egg’ room of statues that was made back in the ’90s

One of the oldest MMORPGs in existence still has the capacity to surprise us, even decades later. Former Meridian 59 designer Damion Schubert confirmed a...

Fan site compiles a list of every MMORPG rogue server and emulator still running

Not every emulator project is as popular or as well known as Star Wars Galaxies Legends or City of Heroes Homecoming. To help bring...

Vanguard Saga of Heroes’ community-run emulator had over 100 players this past weekend

We recently ran a column on abrupt MMO sunsets, one of which was Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, which SOE binned in 2014 shortly after...

City of Heroes: Rebirth rogue server adds cel shading and four new powersets

City of Heroes is dead; long live City of Heroes! The superhero MMO's post-cancellation career has proven to be quite interesting indeed, with many...

EVE Online and Star Citizen’s Battle of the Bricks LEGO spaceship build-off concludes today

The battle for supremacy between Star Citizen and EVE Online will be decided through the crucible of plastic toy brick combat. The finale of...

RIFT fansite posts detailed timeline of the Gamigo era

With RIFT now in its 11th year of live operation, fans no doubt have concerns and questions about the game's future under Gamigo's dubious...