DC Universe Online players take advantage of a 1 credit cash shop oops – and end up facing suspensions


Earlier this week, players of DC Universe Online were granted an update that brought back the Witching Hour event, alongside Daybreak’s fall sale with discounted respecs, catalysts, and style items, and 75% off character advances. Unfortunately, it would appear that this sale got off on the wrong foot thanks to a pricing error for a pack… and players are being punished for it.

A forum thread draws attention to the issue, showing the Atlantean Pack listed on sale for 1 Daybreak Cash. This pack bundles together (among other things) 15 Stabilizers and 100 Source Marks, which are items used to open lockboxes and currency used to purchase gear respectively, and that caused a glut of rewards that was likely not intended when some players bought them – a lot of them, over and over.

“This situation is not great,” wrote the game’s senior community manager. “As in similar situations, the tradeable nature of the rewards makes it difficult to undo all of the damage. We will do what we can, however.”

The reply later notes that mitigating that damage would apparently involve suspending accounts “indefinitely” while the devs “assess possible next steps.”

The situation has ignited a small tinderbox of controversy, with some players arguing that people took advantage of the mistake and likened it to an exploit, while others argue that the mistake was made by Dimensional Ink and players shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of the studio’s failure. “Imagine punishing the customers for a mistake that you, as the business made,” reads one reply on the forum. “We are the ones who keep your game up and running, by spending money each day/month.”

As of this writing, DCUO has yet to outline the previously referenced next steps, and the forum thread that highlighted the issue saw replies apparently clipped and the thread ultimately locked to further posts.

sources: official site, official forums, Reddit, thanks to Bruno for the tip!
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