Final Fantasy XIV suspends sales and ads to mitigate Endwalker server congestion

Still miss the combo here.

So, anecdotally, how’s the congestion situation for you in Final Fantasy XIV? Getting better? Director and producer Naoki Yoshida clearly feels that it’s not getting better fast enough, so the latest letter to the community states that not only will Square-Enix be offering another 14 days of compensation time to players (making for a total of 21 days of free subscription), the company is temporarily suspending sales of the game, both its base edition and its complete edition. Free trial registrations will also be suspended for the moment.

The team is also suspending any new advertisements for the game along the same basic principle, which is a rather surprising and heretofore unprecedented move for the game. Endwalker will still be available for purchase so existing players who have not upgraded will be able to patch up, however. The full dispatch also informs fans that bug fixes for queue errors will be coming in patch 6.01 scheduled for Tuesday, December 21st, with the next wave of Savage content still planned for release in early January 2022.

The developers are also making progress in adding new servers, with a roadmap announcement promised for some time in late January of 2022, which is good news for helping to address the underlying issues. Until then… well, here’s hoping your queues are getting a bit better.

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