Vitae Aeternum: The storm clouds on New World’s horizon

New World has improved considerably since launch. I've had a lot of praise for the changes Amazon has made, and I'm looking forward to...
Not so much.

Vague Patch Notes: Queues do not tell the story of an MMO’s success

It's time to talk about queues to log in to a game, and you know what game we have to talk about in this...
Still miss the combo here.

Final Fantasy XIV suspends sales and ads to mitigate Endwalker server congestion

So, anecdotally, how's the congestion situation for you inĀ Final Fantasy XIV? Getting better? Director and producer Naoki Yoshida clearly feels that it's not getting...
We're linked now!

The Daily Grind: What’s the worst MMO queue you’ve ever experienced?

You know, for probably understandable reasons, playing Final Fantasy XIV right now has me thinking about queues! We've all had to deal with them...
And if I press it enough time, sometimes there's a story!

The Daily Grind: Have queues ever turned you off from an MMO?

Queues bother me. I'd like to say they don't, but they really do. I don't take them as a personal affront or anything, though;...
fun fun fun

Albion Online is hitting login queues as Veteran players get to log in

Launch is here for Albion Online and it's popular enough that there are queues. Yes, login queues are being login queues. According to the...

Final Fantasy XIV ends its simultaneous logouts

A little under two weeks ago, Final Fantasy XIV announced that the game would log everyone off of the servers once per day. Players...
This is not Eureka.

Final Fantasy XIV is temporarily logging everyone off once a day to keep login queues moving

Nobody likes having to sit through a queue to log in to a game. Absolutely no one. Part of the reason Final Fantasy XIV...
Shocking no one, you fight the Tzenkethi.

Star Trek Online details the new queues for Season 12

The Tzenkethi are going to be your main foes in Star Trek Online's Season 12, so it only makes sense that the season would...

Blade & Soul plans new servers to combat queues

The good news is that Blade & Soul is turning out to be pretty popular here in the west. The bad news is that...