Lost Ark admits it’s been ‘fighting a war against bots’ since launch, banning millions of accounts


Have you spotted a bot or two in Lost Ark over the past few months? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Amazon admitted on Friday evening that its MMOARPG has been under assault by them since the day the game went live — and that bots have been a constant source of frustration for both the studio and playerbase alike.

In a recent post, the studio shared some of the tactics that it’s been employing to combat the rampant botting in Lost Ark. These tactics include perma-banning “several million accounts,” level-gating area chat, refining anti-cheat software, and improving reporting tools. Amazon has also blocked IPs from areas outside of its operating rights “that have shown large amounts of bot activity.”

It sounds like this will be one war that’s a long way from being won. Amazon isn’t giving up, however: “We’re working closely with Easy Anti Cheat to improve their support of Lost Ark and with Smilegate RPG to improve the native bot detection system, while tuning events and rewards to prevent or remove paths for bot abuse. We’re also exploring new ways to help combat bots natively at scale.”

Source: Lost Ark
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