Lost Ark’s roadmap heralds dungeon and raid solo mode, T4, and the North Kurzan continent


Lost Ark’s really been churning out the content previews this week; just yesterday, Amazon’s video on the June content blast was making apologies for the roadmap not being out. Well, it needn’t have bothered, as the roadmap is here already. But now it’s apologizing for not having everything hammered out with Smilegate following the Korean reveals.

“With major updates announced in LOA ON, we were eager to acknowledge the news and announce that players would be receiving the Summer Celebration Gift, but our teams at Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG were still collaborating to see how quickly we could bring some of these exciting updates to the West,” the company says. “Ideally, we would’ve been able to share the plans immediately following LOA ON, but our teams were still working on the full plan, which (as you’ll discover below) will kickoff next month, in the July Update. We would rather wait until we have confirmation on plans than need to delay or set expectations that fall short. It’s always our goal to bring content as fast possible, but need to balance the progression of players in the West, along with how systems are layered-in from a build perspective in Korea.”

So on to that roadmap. Players already know about the raid coming in June, and the team has said it will slow down its cadence a bit for the rest of the summer.

July will bring the addition of a new solo mode for the game’s raids and dungeons, from the Valtan Legion raid to the Ivory Tower Abyssal dungeon. No, the loot won’t be as good, but it’ll be something – and it’ll give players a chance to practice before joining groups (and give a boost to make sure different classes get through). Players will also see tweaks to T3 progression, Ivory Tower, and a new end-game progression event mean to “alleviate some of the grind as we heard toward T4.”

There’s nothing specifically laid out for August except for events and cosmetics (and presumably whatever of that progression update that doesn’t make it into July). September will be the promised T4 endgame, with the new North Kurzan continent, 16-person Behemoth raid, and the Kenuat Fortress and Kurzan Frontline dungeons.

And then, during the fourth quarter of the year, the team will be rolling out the Aegir Kazeros raid, a “new combat system” that appears to retool stats and class specs and skills, and new Hyper Awakening skills, plus new peta abilities and Buzzling Island.

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