Elite Dangerous Update 18 adds new weapon, multiple bug fixes, and the ‘end game’ of the Thargoid War

It is now time for Elite Dangerous players to Kill the Titans. As promised from an earlier roadmap livestream, Update 18 has officially gone...

Fractured Online’s Endgame Changer patch was delayed over tech problems but should be live today

Yesterday's Fractured Online patch release did not exactly go to plan. Dynamight Studios aimed to roll out the Endgamer Changer yesterday morning; the update marked...
There were problems.

Perfect Ten: 10 problems that really hurt The Secret World

For whatever reason, The Secret World is one of those games that people keep going back over mentally, an MMO that still collectively has...

Fractured Online’s Endgame Changer patch goes live today with new mounts and more

Today is the big day for Dynamight Studio's Fractured Online, as the game gets its first major patch post-early access. Its second early access....

Into the Super-Verse: So what can Homecoming do with City of Heroes’ Incarnates?

Last week I talked about the major issues that City of Heroes' Incarnate system introduced to the game, and the fact of the matter...

Fractured previews Endgame Changer’s primal energy, enchanting, and potion systems

Earlier this month, Dynamight Studios announced a big update for early access MMORPG sandbox Fractured Online. The so-called Endgame Changer patch is expected to...

New World’s Season of the Guardian teases new trial, cooking revamp, animation buffs, and OPR mounts

Amazon has taken the veil off New World's Season of the Guardian this afternoon, and it sounds as if it'll have a little bit...

WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery moves into its second phase with Gnomeregan raid

It's a little strange to think that WoW Classic's Season of Discovery server is only just now moving into its second phase, but here...
hit me

Into the Super-Verse: What’s wrong with City of Heroes’ Incarnate system?

It hasn't been all that long since I said that what City of Heroes needs to focus on right now is not endgame content,...

Actress Michelle Rodriguez demos Skull and Bones’ intro and events in latest video

Earlier Skull and Bones offered up a look at what general gameplay and endgame looks like in its last video preview, but now we're...

Lord of the Rings Online U39 hits Bullroarer for Corsairs of Umbar instance and raid testing

Lord of the Rings Online has opened the Bullroarer test server for players' first look at update 39 as of today. The heart of...

Indie MMO sandbox Fractured Online unveils its Endgame Changer patch coming February 21

Kickstarted sandbox Fractured has been teasing a big endgame overhaul for a few weeks now, setting the date for February 21st, and now the...
I need to start taking my own shots here.

Into the Super-Verse: Early SOs pose a perplexing problem in City of Heroes Homecoming

Last week, I talked a bit about how to gear yourself up in City of Heroes. Just yesterday, Bree gave an example for how...

Massively Overthinking: Do you care more about MMO stats or looks?

This week's Massively Overthinking is fully inspired by the unicorn backpack meme, which Black Desert studio Pearl Abyss tweeted out last week with the caption "stats over looks any day." You know we have to talk about this.

Vague Patch Notes: Why we drift away from MMORPGs we still love

Why did I stop playing Star Trek Online? Was it because there was some change made to the game that made it no longer...

Black Desert PC launches new Yzrahid Highlands monster zone, new costume, and lifeskill QOL

Black Desert PC fans, prepare your endgame toons and your closets because Pearl Abyss has content for both this week. "Seasoned adventurers will be pleased...

The Daily Grind: What are some of the prettiest high-level zones in MMOs?

Back in the day, it used to be common for the early game in MMO to be nothing but verdant forests, lush meadows, and...

Throne & Liberty KR will bolster endgame with coop dungeons, dungeon finder, and less ‘forced content’

NCsoft's Jong-ok Ahn is back on the official Throne & Liberty site with another producer's update this week, this time talking about the Resistance...

Skull and Bones previews its endgame takeovers, heists, bosses, and ship combat

If there's a genre of dev blog I like least, it's the one where studio staffers pretend to offer an unbiased blog post or...
I did a thing!

Into the Super-Verse: Gearing up as a newcomer to City of Heroes Homecoming

I was originally going to spend this week opining on why the Incarnate system in City of Heroes didn't really work and why it...